Woman was left ‘traumatized’ after discovering her boyfriend’s shocking SECRET


Laura Twyford, 19, opened up about how she was left ‘traumatized’ after discovering her boyfriend‘s secret that shocked her.

The woman from California, took to TikTok to share her story.

She explained that the couple had been together for several months but she eventually found out that he had been in an open relationship with another woman the entire time.

Her Dilemma in Full

‘Basically, a few months ago I met this guy. He approached me. We started seeing each other and not just casually.

‘It was “I’m gonna marry you. I’m gonna have children with you. I can’t wait to spend the spend the rest of my life with you.” 

‘He met my family. He was obsessed with me. It was like movie love. This man was head over heels. I was head over heels.

‘There were no games. There were no lies. It wasn’t drama. It was just a great relationship.’

Laura continued by explaining her beau was ‘busy a lot,’ adding: ‘It became a problem because he didn’t have time for me.’

Right Person, Wrong Time

She said that nothing was as it seemed. – describing the situation as being the ‘right person, wrong time.’

‘Two days ago, he posts on Instagram. I go to the comments. Tell me why someone commented “husband.”

‘I’m like, that’s weird because we have been together for months and we only broke up like two days ago.

‘I go to her page. They’ve been together for three years. Three years a whole girlfriend.’

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What She Discovered So Far

She quipped that she had gone into FBI mode to start digging into her former lover.

‘I realized that he would be with her at night while I was with him in the day. I realized the things he said he was doing he was actually with her. And I put all these clues together.’

Laura continued: ‘Then I am deeply in her mom’s Facebook. I realized his best friend who was around when I was around is the girl’s brother.

‘I’m like, so your brother knew that your man was with another girl…

‘Obviously I have been blowing up his phone. Nothing. So I’m like, I’ve got to tell this poor girl.” I feel terrible. She’s a victim.’

But the admission did not go as planned. 

‘I’m trying to reach her. I’m doing everything I can to contact her. She’s not answering. Finally this man answers me,’ Laura dished.

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