Woman who ‘wheeled dead uncle into a bank to obtain loan’ is NOW being investigated for manslaughter


Érika de Souza, is now being investigated for manslaughter in the death of her uncle, whom she wheeled into a Brazilian bank to obtain a loan.

Court explained that the 42-year-old was already aware that uncle Paulo Braga, 68, had died when she attempted to withdraw $3,250 from the bank on April 16.

Details of Lawsuit

‘She knew this fact (of death), as he is (in the video) with his head down and without any movement, however, right before entering, she holds him by the neck so that he has his head up, simulating a person alive,’ Civil Police chief Fabio Souza said in his findings, which were obtained by TV Globo.

As it is

Now, she is being held in pretrial detention and is facing vilification of a corpse and attempted theft through fraud charges.

A viral cell phone video recorded by one of the bank workers showed how de Souza bizarrely told Braga, ‘Uncle, are you listening? You need to sign,’ as she placed a pen near his right hand.

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How She Was Arrested on the Spot

At one point, de Souza told the teller, ‘He doesn’t say anything, that’s just how he is,’ and turned to her uncle and mentioned that she was going to take him to the hospital if he wasn’t feeling well.

The bankers were worried with de Souza’s behavior and called the police. Paramedics were dispatched to the bank and tried to revive Braga.

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