A Mother Of Three Received A Heartbreaking Diagnosis After Finding Black Spots In Her Mouth


Claire Flowers’ Sister, Tamara, Drove Her To The Local Emergency Department After Noticing Spots On The Inside Of Her Cheek.

“On The Same Day, Bruises Started Appearing. She Developed A Purplish Rash Characteristic Of Meningococcal Infection All Over,” Tamara Recalled. “She Went To The Emergency Department, Where They Took Blood Tests And Discovered She Had Very Low Platelet Levels.”

At 39 Years Old, Claire Was Diagnosed With Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (Itp), A Rare Autoimmune Disorder Affecting Platelet Counts In The Blood.

Tamara Described Itp As A Lifelong Condition. “She Won’t Be Able To Return To Work. Even A Minor Fall Or Bump Could Cause Dangerous Bleeding,” She Explained. “If She Hadn’t Gone To The Emergency Department When She Did, She Might Not Have Woken Up The Next Morning.”

Tamara Expressed How Drastically Claire’s Life Had Changed In Just One Day. “She Called Me Today In Tears Because She’s Struggling To Cope With Everything. She Has Three Children And Supports The Household, So She’s Responsible For Bills, Rent, And All Their Needs,” She Said. “Claire Is A Teacher For Critically Disabled Children, A Job She Loves, But Now She’s Bedridden. It’s Hard To Imagine How She Must Be Feeling.”

Claire Had Plans For Her 40th Birthday Celebration And A Holiday In Europe Before Being Diagnosed With The Disease. “Claire Is Normally So Resilient And Has Faced Tough Times Before. She’s Mentally Strong, But This Is Really Testing Her,” Tamara Added.

Itp, Tamara Noted, Can Strike Unexpectedly. “It’s An Immunocompromised Condition That Can Affect Anyone At Any Stage Of Life—It’s Not Something You’re Born With,” She Emphasized.

Currently, Claire Is Undergoing Treatment With High Doses Of Steroids And Oral Chemotherapy. She Will Require Weekly Blood Tests To Monitor Her Platelet Levels Closely.

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