Former Ghanaian Star, Lamptey: “I Nearly Pulled My Gun” After Discovering He Is Not The Biological Father Of His Three Children

Former Ghanaian Star, Lamptey:

In an interview with Dan Kwaku Yeboah TV on YouTube, Lamptey shared his ordeal, speaking for approximately 10 minutes.

The 49-year-old former Anderlecht and Aston Villa forward said: “Yeah, I took that decision [to pull a gun], but God spoke to me and since then I haven’t touched my gun. The gun was in my Tundra, but I decided I would not do anything.

“I was broken, but I was very patient about it, and that has led me to where I am today. I believe it was God who spoke to me, and so I decided not to use my gun. It used to be in my Tundra, but I decided not to touch the gun again.

“I had to control my anger, otherwise I could’ve been in prison by now. And I wouldn’t have been able to have my three children. So, sometimes when you get angry, you have to think twice before taking action.”

In 2013, DNA tests confirmed that Lamptey was not the biological father of the children, which led to his separation from his ex-wife, Gloria Appiah, ultimately resulting in the collapse of their 20-year marriage. However, disputes between the couple regarding compensation for Miss Appiah sparked a prolonged legal battle.

In 2017, Lamptey emerged victorious in a lawsuit where his wife sought 50% of his assets. The Accra High Court ruled that Gloria Appiah, Lamptey’s ex-wife, had committed adultery by giving birth to three children out of wedlock, consequently nullifying her claim to half of her ex-husband’s wealth.

Presiding over the case, Justice Cecilia Don-Chebe Agbevey ordered Lamptey’s estranged wife to vacate his luxurious seven-bedroom apartment in East Legon within 30 days.

However, Lamptey was instructed to provide her with his four-bedroom house in Dome, along with a car and a sum of Ghc200,000. In the meantime, Lamptey has since remarried to actress Ruweida Yakubu, with whom he shares three children.

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