Furious woman ‘protesting’ STRUTS naked through airport in wild scene: video


Aan irked female passenger ended up strutting naked through an airport in the Philippines in protest at being fined for overstaying her visa.


Thuytrang Nguyen, 34, was set to return to Vietnam from her vacation in the Philippines on Saturday when officials at Ninoy Aquino International Airport demanded she cough up on the spot a fine for overstaying.

She then protested by stomping off to the bathroom, only to re-emerge completely naked, video of the incident showed.

She walked calmly through the security area and up to the body scanner — right past the security station at the immigration counter.

The staffs were seen quickly following the stripped-down traveler towards effort to stop her but didn’t know what to do.


The guards were finally able to stop her and tried to settle her down by giving her clothing, food and something to drink.

That is how she was ultimately prevented from leaving the country on the grounds of being ‘psychologically incapacitated.’

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Michael Ronald de Guzman with the terminal police confirmed that the naked passenger was stopped because ‘her visa had issues.’

‘She went straight to the public toilet at departures, and she walked out of there without any clothes on. We don’t know why she did that,’ he added.

Nguyen ‘appeared a little irritable because she couldn’t communicate in Tagalog, and she didn’t speak English well,’ explained Gen. Manuel Sequitin, assistant general manager for security and emergency services.

‘She only knew Vietnamese, so we were communicating with her through Google Translate.’


Nguyen was initially not permitted to leave due to possible psychological issues.

She passed a medical check and was allowed to board a Cebu Pacific flight to Hanoi early on June 9, after settling her overstayed visa fee.

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