George Clooney’s Heartfelt ‘Ritual’ For His Twins With Amal Clooney Is Influenced By Their Romantic Journey

George Clooney's Heartfelt 'Ritual' For His Twins With Amal Clooney Is Influenced By Their Romantic Journey

For years, George Clooney was seen as a perpetual bachelor, but in truth, he is a romantic, a fact that his wife Amal Clooney knows well. The actor, known for his role in Ocean’s Eleven, first met the human rights lawyer at his renowned Villa Oleandra estate in Italy back in July 2013.

A mutual friend had brought her along as their plus-one. Reflecting on the start of their relationship, the Oscar-winning actor shared with CBS in 2020: “It was easy, it was the minute she walked in the door, I was just taken by her,” adding: “And the fun part was, I didn’t know whether she would like me or any of those things. And then she’s this extraordinarily fun, smart, beautiful, great woman and I was just very taken with her, and I started writing her letters.”

The act of sending letters is something George and Amal have continued throughout their marriage, both between themselves and now for their twins too, Ella and Alexander, who marked their seventh birthday on June 6.

Speaking with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America last year — the anchor is also a father to twin girls Sophia and Isabella — George revealed that he and Amal were still “figuring out” what their family “rituals” would be. He did, however, elaborate on their established tradition of exchanging letters.

While he first joked it started because Amal “doesn’t want to talk to me in person,” he then shared: “We write our kids a letter every summer, each, about where we are in the world.”

However, there’s a caveat, as he revealed: “We haven’t given them to them, we have stacks of them that we’ll give them when they’re old enough to understand.”

He continued: “I like the idea of writing down a moment in time and having a time capsule to say, ‘Wow this is what we were thinking, and this is what our hopes were,’ you can compare it to where you end up.”

Further speaking with the former NFL player at the time about what it’s like to be a dad to twins, George noted: “Well twins tell you a lot,” before explaining: “When you have twins and you’re raising [them at] the same time, the same way, and they’re completely different human beings, you realize how little say you have in who they are.”

He went on: “You try to give them some boundaries, and you try to give them things that you believe in, but they’re just different [people.]”

“They come out with an opinion, and it’s amazing to watch how different my kids’ personalities are,” he marveled, and lastly joked: “They’re raised by the same parents, you know.”

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