‘It Wasn’t Fleeting’ At Trooping The Colour – Royal Photographer Decodes Prince William And Kate’s ‘Look Of Love’


James endured the torrential rain that swept over London on Saturday, but the effort was rewarded when he captured an unforgettable moment between Prince William and his wife of 13 years.

After hours of photographing the royals, from their procession down The Mall to their appearance on the balcony at Buckingham Palace, James explained why the tender gaze between Prince William and Kate was his favorite photo of the day.

“It’s the look, the look between William and Kate,” he says. “It happened over quite a few frames of it, because it wasn’t fleeting. If you look, you can look at the minutiae of it, because you’re taking 20 frames a second and so it goes from a little look, and then Kate’s smile broadens, and it’s lovely, and it’s very much a welcome back,” he explains, before sweetly adding, “It’s good to have you back.”

Of the Wales’, he also said: “They’re obviously a very strong unit.”

James shares his insights into why Queen Camilla might have been ushering King Charles off the balcony after the flypast.

We also speak with CNN anchor and correspondent Max Foster, who provides his perspective on Kate’s ‘unusual’ statement and the significance of the photograph taken by royal photographer Matt Porteous.

Additionally, Max explains the true reason why Prince William is in no hurry to ascend to the throne and how the children of the Wales family played a crucial role in Kate’s public return.

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