Jane Fonda Voiced Some Heartfelt Advice To Jennifer Lopez Her Relationship With Ben Affleck

Jane Fonda Voiced Some Heartfelt Advice To Jennifer Lopez Her Relationship With Ben Affleck

“I feel invested in you and Ben and I really, really want this to work,” Jane told Jennifer, 54, during a phone call featured in Jennifer’s film project. 

“However, my concern is that it feels too much like you’re trying to prove something instead of just living it. Every other photograph is the two of you kissing, the two of you hugging.”

Jane’s concerns emerged when Jennifer approached her to play a role in her music documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

The 90-minute film, released in February, is part of a trilogy exploring Jennifer’s breakup and reunion with Ben, 51. It also includes the making of the movie This Is Me Now, a part-fantasy, part-biographical companion piece to her latest album.

Jennifer was so committed to the project that she invested $20 million of her own money after studios and streaming platforms passed on it. Despite her reservations, Jane ultimately agreed to a cameo role as a member of the Zodiac council, witnessing Jennifer’s romantic misadventures.

Jane’s initial reluctance mirrored Ben’s sentiments, as he has often expressed discomfort with public scrutiny and the stark contrast between his private nature and Jennifer’s more public persona. Their differing attitudes towards social media have been a point of contention, with Ben preferring a more private life.

The couple, who eloped in Las Vegas in July 2022 and later held a lavish multi-day wedding at Ben’s Georgia estate, have been at the center of divorce rumors.

Ben has reportedly moved out of their $60 million Los Angeles home, which is now back on the market. Jennifer has also canceled her forthcoming tour, citing a desire to spend more time with “loved ones and family.”

On Father’s Day, Jennifer posted a sweet tribute to Ben on Instagram, calling him “Our hero.” However, it remains unclear if they spent the day together.

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