Lady Louise Bears Striking Sameness to Surprising Royal Family Member

Lady Louise Bears Striking Sameness to Surprising Royal Family Member

Queen Charlotte, a well-known figure to Bridgerton fans, bears a striking resemblance to the St. Andrew’s student, as seen in the image below. According to the Historic Royal Palaces, Charlotte was known for her intelligence, good humor, and musical talent.

“In 1761, aged 17, Charlotte found herself chosen by George III as his bride. She had good royal and Protestant credentials. Most importantly for the King, she was sweet-natured and compliant,” the official website states. 

She and King George went on to have a famously happy marriage and were known to play musical duets on the flute and harp together, before His Majesty’s devastating illness that first reared its head in 1788.

“Sure never was anyone to be more pitied than Her Majesty, as no couple had ever been happier than they were before this greatest of all misfortunes,” said Mrs Philip Lybbe Poyse in 1788, who had watched George and Charlotte’s coronation procession 27 years earlier.

The resemblance between the Georgian queen and the Lady Louise is strikingly clear. Lady Louise not only looks like Queen Charlotte but also bears a strong resemblance to another royal ancestor, Princess Mary.

Mary, Princess Royal and Countess of Harewood, was the aunt of the late Queen Elizabeth II and the daughter of King George V. She was known for being incredibly ahead of her time and accomplished many remarkable things.

During the First World War in 1914, she proposed sending a Christmas gift to every serving member of the armed forces.

Additionally, she underwent rigorous training at Great Ormond Street to become a pediatric nurse and was made an honorary General in the British Army in 1956 for her work with servicemen, among other notable achievements.

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