‘Last Airbnb: Guest Receives List Of Demands From Host Just Hours Before Check-Out After Being Charged $1300 For Two Nights And A Cleaning Fee

'Last Airbnb: Guest Receives List Of Demands From Host Just Hours Before Check-Out After Being Charged $1300 For Two Nights And A Cleaning Fee

Sharing her experience on X, the woman explained she received a text message from the host of her coastal Oregon town Airbnb just hours before she and her family were scheduled to check out.

The message read, “Thank you for your stay. Please follow the departure instructions, most importantly removing all garbage and recycling, loading and starting the dishwasher, starting laundry, checking for your belongings and removing all food items.”

The guest, known as @luinalaska on X, quickly posted the message on social media, stating, “My last Airbnb I’ll ever use. $1,300 for two nights with a cleaning fee and I get this before 9:00 am. Will never stop sharing it.”

Since sharing her ordeal, she also revealed that she was asked to leave a tip for the cleaners, despite paying a cleaning fee and doing the dishes and laundry herself.

The woman posted the “additional rules” statement from the original Airbnb listing, which only mentioned that guests had to be over the age of 24, strict parking rules, and that “other important info will be sent via email.”

“Zero emails were ever sent regarding any of it,” the guest said. “There isn’t a damn thing here in this listing about me doing the dishes. SHENANIGANS.”

After her tweet garnered millions of views, she shared a video update days later, saying that Airbnb had since contacted her.

 “I didn’t feel like I needed a refund or anything of that nature – I did offer what I thought might be helpful suggestions, but I haven’t heard anything back, which I find unprofessional,” she said. 

“In an Airbnb, really that’s a business transaction in which the logistics of their turn over is a business logistics issue for them, and not a curtesy problem for the guests who are paying to be there,” the woman added.

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