Man Sentenced To Jail For Murdering Teacher Lured Through Fake Dating Profile

Man Sentenced To Jail For Murdering Teacher Lured Through Fake Dating Profile

A man has been sentenced to serve a minimum of 22 years in prison for the murder of retired school teacher Peter Coshan, 75, whom he lured to his death through a fake dating profile.

Paul McNaughton, 29, received a life sentence after confessing to the murder, which took place in Edinburgh in August 2022.

McNaughton used a fabricated profile on a dating app to draw Coshan, a former teacher at Fettes College, to an apartment in Leith where he was killed. Alongside his flatmate Paul Black, McNaughton concealed the body for several days before disposing of it near a lay-by in Northumberland.

While Black, 65, was acquitted of murder, he was sentenced to at least five and a half years in prison for attempting to pervert the course of justice. Both men were sentenced at the High Court in Glasgow, with prosecutors describing the motive behind the killing as purely financial.

Following the sentencing, Dr. Coshan’s family expressed gratitude to those who supported them through what they described as a “nightmare.”

“This is in stark contrast to the worst of human nature, which was displayed by the individual who took Peter’s life,” they added.

“We remain horrified that anybody could have treated a vulnerable 75-year-old in such a despicable manner. Our life will never be the same and we will always ask the question, ‘What if?’ However, we have happy memories of Peter and can reflect on the positive impact he had on so many people’s lives.”

Dr Peter Coshan, 75, had worked as a biology teacher at Fettes College

Dr. Coshan taught at Fettes College, the esteemed Edinburgh public school attended by former Prime Minister Tony Blair, from 1972 until his retirement in 2005.

McNaughton initially met Dr. Coshan online in 2021. He proceeded to steal tens of thousands of pounds from him after gaining access to his bank accounts. When the retired biology teacher discovered the thefts, he threatened to report McNaughton to the police unless he provided sexual favors. McNaughton, feeling frustrated with the situation, devised a plan to kill Dr. Coshan.

Black had been “infatuated” with McNaughton since meeting him a decade ago at a gay bar in Edinburgh but admitted to being “scared” of him. After the murder, the pair spent Dr. Coshan’s money on a McDonald’s meal, visited a funfair in Fife, and purchased a car to transport his body to England.

They returned to a lay-by on the A696 between Otterburn and Belsay the following night with shovels, intending to dig a grave, but the ground was too hard. Dr. Coshan’s body was subsequently left at a wall, where it remained for about a month before being discovered by police.

Lord Scott informed McNaughton that Dr. Coshan was a “gentle and dedicated friend” who cherished life despite being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease five years before his death.

Peter Coshan was lured to a flat in Edinburgh before he was murdered

“You exploited his illness and vulnerabilities over a period of time before deciding that he must die,” the judge added. “You planned to murder him entirely for your own benefit. You lured him under carefully planned pretences and perceptions. You and your co-accused covered up the crime to avoid the consequences of this awful act.”

Lord Scott told Black that Dr Coshan was shown “no respect and offered no dignity” following his murder.

“What you did to conceal his murder means his family and friends don’t know and may never know what happened in his final moments,” he added. “The cause of his death cannot be ascertained and your actions have exacerbated the trauma caused to his family and friends.”

John Scullion KC, defending McNaughton, told the sentencing hearing that there was a “pre-meditated nature” to his client’s actions.

Tony Lenehan KC, defending Black, stated: “On the evidence, it’s accepted that he was completely subordinate to Mr McNaughton. The general nature of the trial was that he was infatuated with him and he played a subordinate role and he will be punished for that.”

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