Most Recent Family Outing: Rebecca Gayheart’s Daughters Are Eric Dane’s Twin

Most Recent Family Outing: Rebecca Gayheart's Daughters Are Eric Dane's Twin

At the premiere of his most recent movie, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Eric Dane proudly displayed his paternal side by bringing his kids along. 

The gathering was a family affair, with Billie, 14, Eric’s oldest daughter, appearing to be a miniature duplicate of her mother, Rebecca Gayheart. 

Billie’s fair hair was styled in well-defined curls, with small, naturally falling portions framing her face. She accessorized with a sleek black pocketbook, several silver rings, and a delicate gold necklace.

Georgia, her 13-year-old younger sister and her mother’s twin, chose to dress chicly in a black top and skirt. 

In the movie, seasoned actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence co-star with 51-year-old Eric, who loves spending time with his daughters when he’s not on work. 

Putting his arms around his adolescent children, he seemed joyful, displaying his supportive and caring nature.

During a guest visit on Live with Kelly and Mark, the Grey’s Anatomy star, who has played Dr. Mark Sloan several times before, revealed details about his family life. 

Eric disclosed that his girls, who have watched every episode of the medical drama that is accessible on streaming services, seem to be obsessed with it. He verified, laughing at their devotion to the show, “They’ve watched everything.”

Reflecting on revisiting Grey’s Anatomy while his daughters experienced it for the first time, Eric said, “I was kinda there when it happened, so my attitude was like I don’t want to see it because then you start looking at things you shouldn’t be looking at.” 

Because of the success of his depiction of Dr. Mark Sloan, he was added to the main cast for seasons three through nine and even made a cameo in an episode from 2021.

He made a funny comment when Kelly Ripa asked if his girls watched Euphoria, which stars Eric as Cal Jacobs: “Never.”

Speaking to People in 2019 at the Once Upon a Time… Hollywood premiere, Rebecca Gayheart discussed her co-parenting arrangement with Eric. “My family and I are living in a new normal,” she said. 

“It’s taken us a little bit to get that down. Not going to lie, it hasn’t been easy. But I think what’s exciting is what’s ahead because there are so many different things that could happen now.”

She continued, “My ex Eric and I, we are friends and we are doing our best to co-parent and maintain a family, even though we’re not married. Legally we’re still married, but separated. And I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it. Life is just good. There are so many exciting things happening.”

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