“Not All American Women Believe Nigerian Men Are Scammers. It’s American Women Who Are Scamming Nigerian Men,” Stated A Caucasian Woman


In a viral video, a Caucasian woman has refuted allegations that Nigerian men aim to scam American women.

She emphasized that not all American women hold this belief.

Instead, she asserted that it is American women who are exploiting Nigerian men’s affection, contradicting widespread perceptions.

“I have been seeing a lot of videos flying around saying that most American women think that Nigerian men are scammers. First of all, Not all American women think like that.

“There are a lot of us that are looking for true love or already have found true love with a Nigerian man. I think is the opposite. I think it is the American women scamming the Nigerian men.

“They make them fall in love, and toy with the Nigerian men’s emotions and feelings. The Nigerian men fall in love with these American women and then the American women turn around and say they have been scammed.”

She opined that Nigerians need help and that anyone who truly loves their partner is expected to help.

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