‘Reckless’ soldier, 25, who caused £35,000 worth of damage WHEN he ploughed his car is spared prison


A British Army soldier destroyed a £35,000 shower block when he ploughed into it in his car following a race around the military base with a colleague, a court martial heard.


Lance Corporal Jack Whitt and Lance Corporal Kieran Rough both crashed their cars in heavy rain, ran away and then lied to police when questioned.

L/Cpl Rough swerved into a concrete barrier in his black BMW and L/Cpl Whitt, who was just behind him in his white Mercedes, ploughed into the shower unit at Tidworth Camp, Wilts.

L/Cpl Rough ‘misjudged’ a bend in the road and had to brake suddenly, causing him to swerve off and collide with a concrete kerb at 12.45am.

L/Cpl Whitt, who was behind his colleague, then ploughed straight into the portable shower block and sent it flying 15 metres.

The soldiers, both 25 and from the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, then repeatedly lied to police while giving statements and interviews, insisting they were not driving.

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Now, they have been given 10-week prison sentences suspended for 12 months at Bulford Military Court, Wilts.

The Army had to replace the shower block at Tidworth following the ‘very silly’ incident on January 14 last year, costing more than £35,000.

The two soldiers repeatedly lied to police while giving statements and interviews, insisting they had not been driving.

LCpl Rough told police the car had been ‘taken from camp without his consent’.


The pair repeated their lies while giving a police statement.

LCpl Rough again suggested his car had been stolen – claiming that he ‘often leaves his car unlocked with the key in the console’.

LCpl Whitt told officers when he returned from the night out he went to bed.

It was heard they then lied for a third time, during police interviews, but were eventually caught after DNA evidence was found on their airbags.

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