Reveals ‘I Was S*Xually Abused At 9’ – Stormy Daniels Discloses

Reveals ‘I Was S*Xually Abused At 9’ - Stormy Daniels Discloses

Stormy Daniels recounted being s*xually abused at the age of nine and how she leaned on horses to navigate a tumultuous childhood.

During the first episode of Daily Mail’s “Everything I Know About Me: Stormy Daniels,” which premiered on Tuesday, June 11, the p*rnstar central to Donald Trump’s hush money trial expressed a desire to confront her abuser, who had already passed away.

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, detailed her upbringing in a small house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which fell into disrepair after her father departed. She expressed sympathy for her father, acknowledging that he had been clear about not wanting to have children.

She also revealed that she frequently faced questions about her lack of anger over her father’s departure from the family.

she explained: ‘But if a woman is being dishonest, it sorts of takes that power away. And he never wanted children. So, it’s really hard to be angry at a man who didn’t have that choice, which sounds very opposite of what we’re used to hearing that, you know, women are the ones that should have the voice and the choice and whatever, but so, I think so should men – and he didn’t.’

Her father remarried and divorced – but when he was with the second wife Susan, she made sure Daniels remained in his life and took her horseback riding for the first time.

‘My stepmom was like very excited to teach me about horses and show me horses,’ Daniels said. ‘She bought me my first pair of riding boots.’

‘It was nice to get away and have a clean place to sleep at least twice a year,’ Daniels added.

Daniels then revealed the name of her abuser and said she wasn’t allowed to reveal his name in her tell-all book.

‘He’s dead now, by the way, because I later went back to kill him,’ she said. ‘And he was already, he was already deceased. Although it shouldn’t really matter because I know there’s a police record,’ she continued, adding that the omission ‘made me very angry.’

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