Russia: Intoxicated Woman Falls Asleep In Farmyard, Awakens To Discover Her Life Has Been Transformed


A homeless woman, identified only as Marina, aged 60, fell asleep in a drunken state in a sheep pen on a farm in Stavropol Krai, Russia.

She was discovered in a shocking condition by a horrified passerby.

Upon waking up, Marina found that her legs had been gnawed on by rats while she slept in the sheep pen. With the assistance of the passerby, she was taken to the hospital, where it was reported that gangrene had developed, necessitating the amputation of both legs.

Marina, 60, said: “I got drunk, and the rats ate me.”

She is currently recuperating at a homeless shelter in the city, which local officials are seeking to shut down due to fire safety concerns.

Olga Shiryaeva, who heads the Helping Hand shelter, explains that the woman lacks documentation and has no other sources of support.

According to Olga, Marina is building friendships and gradually getting better, but her family has shown no interest in contacting her.

She said: “She owns nothing at all, and has nowhere to go. In addition, she has to be carried anywhere and needs to wear diapers that need to be changed. We contacted her brother but he said he had not spoken to her for years, and asked us not to call him again. He told us ‘she made her choices’. 

“Right now, if I say, ‘Marina, are you going to drink?’ she’ll say, ‘Yes. Pour me some.’ And she still manages to smoke.” 

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