The Son Of A Pastor Allegedly Sold His Girlfriend’s Car To Finance His Marriage To Another Woman

The Son Of A Pastor Allegedly Sold His Girlfriend's Car To Finance His Marriage To Another Woman

Blessing Manyange, the son of a Zimbabwean pastor, has been accused of selling his girlfriend’s car to finance his marriage to another woman.

Allegedly, he used his girlfriend Charity Madare’s Honda Fit, initially given with permission for errands, to sell and use the proceeds as bride price for his new girlfriend, Petronella. Feeling betrayed, Charity confronted him and demanded the return of everything she had given him during their relationship.

Pastor Fungayi Manyange, the young man’s father, intervened by meeting with Charity and promising to reimburse her the equivalent value of the car in instalments. Blessing admitted to selling Charity’s vehicle but claimed she was blackmailing him because he had left her for someone else.

Blessing said; “I sold Charity’s vehicle and used the money. She was disturbed when I separated from her and is now demanding every dollar she gave me, including that vehicle. She confronted my parents, and my father agreed to pay the amount equivalent to the value of the vehicle.

“She threatened to expose me in front of the congregation since my father is a church priest, and I decided to leave the congregation because of her threats. She once posted a message on social media, and I warned her that I would take legal action if she continued tarnishing my image.”

Blessing, who had already married his new girlfriend Petronella, brought her along when he gave interviews to local news platforms. Charity, sharing her perspective, described his actions as cruel and revealed that the pastor only contributed a small amount towards resolving the situation his son had caused.

In her words; “What Blessing did to me is cruel and far from what we expect of a priest’s son. He sold the car I gave him for errands to marry another woman. His father signed a document promising to make monthly payments but has kept quiet after the initial few dollars.”

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