Woman BREAKS down after doctor disregards her complains and instead suggests weight loss treatments


A woman has slammed an obstetrician who disregarded conditions she believes she is suffering from after watching Grey’s Anatomy, and was offended when treatments for weight loss were suggested instead. 


The woman, who goes by Peach on TikTok, explained in a video posted online that during a video consultation she told her doctor she was likely suffering from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) and Ehlers-Danlos syndromes (EDS). 

But instead of listening to her theories, she claims her health professional started ‘going on’ about ‘bariatric surgery’, her BMI (body mass index) and suggested she might be a candidate for weight-loss drug Ozempic. 

‘Medical fatphobia is rampant,’ she said. 


In a more than three-minute teary-eyed video, Peach said she’d been left less than impressed by her latest appointment.

‘Normally she’s always been very, very good, but I haven’t seen her in a few months… but she asked me how all my GI stuff is going because of my autoimmune disease and I was completely honest with her because I felt safe, and I told her how I felt like my doctors were ignoring me,’ she explained.

‘They weren’t listening to me. They weren’t going through any side effects of the medication that I’m on – and one of the severe symptoms that I do experience, I found out through Grey’s Anatomy.

‘She [the doctor] started talking to me and she said “ok, well that do you think you have?”

‘I said that I had Covid last fall and that I think I might have POTS, and that I might also have EDS because my hip pops out of place all the time. I have all these little symptoms.’ 

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But what appeared to rile Peach was when her doctor started suggesting her weight might be the cause of many of her ailments.    

‘She knows I have a history with EDs… eating disorders. She starts talking about BMI and then she starts to recommend Ozempic for me. I’m getting visibly distressed on this phone call. I’m going to cry now,’ she says through tears. 

The woman says she asked the doctor not to talk about BMIs with her because of ‘its history as a tool of eugenics and racism and colonialism – and I’m indigenous.’ 

She claims the doctor asked her what term she should use instead, but struggles to share her response, stating instead: ‘I’ve never had this experience with her before.’ 

It left the woman in tears as she almost felt betrayed by the doctor – and effectively fat-shamed.

‘I just finished telling her about how my doctors do not listen to me so I’m really f***ing tired of medical professionals… I don’t know what to do.

She added: ‘Medical fatphobia is rampant, even in Canada.’

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