Woman left with a swollen face AFTER attempting to b£at her husband’s side chic who is a gym instructor


A married woman has been left with a swollen face after she attempted to assault her husband’s side chic….unfortunately for her, husband side chic is a gym instructor.

An X user identified as Serah Ibrahim shared the story online, and wrote: ‘So this my friend’s neighbour had injuries on her face. Her cheeks were huge looking like she battled Amotekun.


‘I asked my friend what happened to the woman and she casually said “it’s her husband oh”. I was pissed.

‘I was about making a fuss about how crazy the man would have been to have beaten her like that and then the real gist came in: “No oh, the husband did not beat her, she went to fight his side-chic”🥲

Me in shock: A babe beat her like that?

My Friend: The man met the side-chic in his gym, the woman found out and went to fight the babe.

The babe is a gym instructor.

‘May God help us not to collect mending that will make us look like Quasimodo because of yeye husband.’

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