A 26-Year-Old Man Was Apprehended For Consuming Hand Sanitizers Due To His Severe Addiction To Alcohol

A 26-Year-Old Man Was Apprehended For Consuming Hand Sanitizers Due To His Severe Addiction To Alcohol

A 26-year-old man with severe alcohol addiction resorted to stealing multiple bottles of hand sanitizer to satisfy his craving for alcohol, according to a case study published in the American Journal of Case Reports.

The patient, who remains unnamed and is from France, presented at his local emergency room complaining of intense abdominal pain. Despite receiving pain medication, his discomfort persisted and he became increasingly agitated.

Concerns were raised by his roommate, who informed hospital staff that the patient had been secretly consuming hand sanitizer from bottles hidden in his bag throughout his hospital stay. Upon investigation, doctors discovered several sanitizer bottles in his possession, of which approximately 1.5 bottles had been consumed.

The man admitted to exaggerating his pain to gain access to the sanitizer, driven by withdrawal symptoms from his alcohol addiction. Initially agitated and verbally aggressive upon arrival at the ER, he displayed signs of general poor hygiene and had a slightly elevated heart rate during examination.

Medical tests revealed a fatty liver, a common indicator of alcohol use disorder, and slightly elevated liver enzymes, suggesting liver damage or inflammation. Hand sanitizers typically contain around 80% pure alcohol, much higher than the alcohol content in beverages like beer, which averages around 5%.

The doctors treating the patient highlighted concerns about an uptick in such cases during the Covid-19 pandemic, when hand sanitizers became more readily available, especially in healthcare settings. They emphasized the challenge of balancing the essential use of sanitizers for infection control with the safety and care of patients struggling with alcohol addiction in emergency departments.

Treatment included fluids and infusions of vitamins B1, B3, and B6 to counteract alcohol toxicity and promote hydration. The patient was observed in the hospital for 24 hours before being discharged with a referral to addiction specialists for ongoing care and support.

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