Best mountain climber in Brazil is DEAD after falling into a crater on one of the highest peaks in Peru


A Brazilian mountain climber was found lifeless after falling into the crater of Peru‘s fourth highest mountain, his family said.


Marcelo Delvaux had been missing since June 30 when he started to descend from Nevado Coropuna in Arequipa.

Delvaux, considered by many as the best mountaineers in Brazil, didn’t survive the fall into the crevasse of the mountain, which is 21,079 feet above sea level, his sister told CNN Brasil.


Pedro Hauck, a hiker and friend of Marcelo Delvaux said that Delvaux reached Nevado Coropuna’s summit around 3pm local time and started his trek down about half hour later.

But the GPS stopped transmitting his location after he made it 328 down the mountain and started to register points that were near each other, similar to what occurs when the signal is being lost.

‘What if Marcelo had dropped the GPS and it had rolled into a crevasse? That could explain why he hadn’t contacted anyone,’ Hauck wondered.

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The family hired professional guides who joined the police in searching for Delvaux on July 4 before the search was called off Sunday.

‘When they got up there, they found his poles stuck in the ice and the crack open, which is where he fell and probably died instantly,’ Delvaux sister, Patricia Delvaux, said. ‘Because he was unable to activate the GPS’s ‘SOS’, we assume he fell there. The crack is very deep, very difficult to perform a rescue.’

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