Italian Man Accused Of Murdering His Wife And Subsequently Using Her Phone For Months To Create The Illusion That She Was Still Alive

Italian Man Accused Of Murdering His Wife And Subsequently Using Her Phone For Months To Create The Illusion That She Was Still Alive

Francesca Deidda, 42, went missing in May from San Sperate, a town in Cagliari, southern Sardinia.

Investigators suspect that she was killed by her husband, 43-year-old Igor Sollai, according to local media reports.

Following Deidda’s disappearance, messages purportedly from her phone were sent to friends and family, claiming she needed time away due to relationship issues but declined to speak to anyone on the phone.

Additionally, the call center where she worked received her resignation via email after her disappearance.

Investigators allege that these messages and emails were authored by Sollai after he allegedly killed his wife and concealed her body, using the communications to mask his crime and feign that Deidda was still alive.

Although the phone has not been recovered, “traces left by the suspect online” reportedly led to Sollai’s arrest, as per local media.

Deidda was officially reported missing on May 30 by her brother and a coworker. When questioned by police about why he did not report his wife missing, Sollai stated that her brother had already done so.

Police swiftly ruled out suicide and voluntary separation, focusing instead on Deidda’s relationship with her husband, who reportedly provided conflicting statements. Sollai claims his wife desired time apart to “reflect,” according to local reports.

Investigators indicate that evidence suggests the couple had encountered difficulties in their relationship before Deidda vanished. Despite no body being found, Sollai was arrested on murder charges recently and remains in custody.

Maintaining his innocence, Sollai’s lawyer, Carlo Demurtas, told local media, “There is no evidence of homicide in this case, and to date, there is no evidence that our client used his wife’s phone or sent the email.”

Demurtas had sought house arrest or release pending trial for Sollai, but a judge has ruled that the truck driver will remain in custody. Authorities have seized the couple’s residence, where they lived since 2012, along with their vehicles.

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