Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Display Plenty Of PDA As They Celebrate An Incredible Personal Achievement

Kourtney Kardashian And Travis Barker Display Plenty Of PDA As They Celebrate An Incredible Personal Achievement

Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker ran their first 5k together on Saturday, July 6. In classic Kourtney fashion, she couldn’t keep her hands off her husband.

The couple was photographed arm-in-arm at the start line at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles before the race began.

Dressed in leggings, shirts, and tees, they led the pack in the inaugural Run Travis Run, a wellness initiative launched by the Blink-182 drummer, inspired by his 2008 plane crash that left 70% of his body burned. At the finish line, Travis cheered on Kourtney and gave her a playful pat on the butt.

“I was told by doctors that I may never be able to walk or play drums the same again”, he explained in May at the launch. “I was never athletic and I never played sports but I immediately had this urge to prove everyone wrong including myself.” 

The father-of-three began with short walks that turned into short daily runs, telling fans he “felt this sense of calmness and a rush of dopamine every time I ran. I’ve kept this up for years now, and I always start my day with it. I even run 3 miles every day before my shows when I’m on tour.” 

“I loved how everyone from all walks of life ran together and supported one another. The running community is massive and it really inspired me to create Run Travis Run as a way to bring likeminded people together,” he added, speaking of his first 5k runs. 

Kourtney, a mom-of-four and Travis were friends for years before it turned into romance, and they bonded over their love of exercise. 

“We always worked out together, ran together, and did all sorts of activities before our relationship started. We were workout buddies for the longest time, and that’s what sparked it all,” Travis recently told People magazine. 

“We’ll do Pilates together, we’ll carve out a half hour or an hour every day to go out,” he continued, sharing that on his walks he will “consume some sort of audiobook or podcast” before repeating the same thing at night.

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