Lawsuit: Kanye West’s Wife, Bianca Censori, Has Been Accused Of Sending P*rn To Yeezy Employees

Lawsuit: Kanye West’s Wife, Bianca Censori, Has Been Accused Of Sending P*rn To Yeezy Employees

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Kanye West’s wife allegedly shared a link to “hardcore” s*xual content with an employee after the rapper announced the launch of his adult film business, “Yeezy P*rn,” in April.

The filing claims that the videos were accessible to employees, some of whom were minors, during the development of West’s forthcoming porn app. However, Censori, 29, is not listed as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Kanye and his former chief of staff, Milo Yiannopoulos, are named as defendants for allegedly not paying employees for the long hours worked to produce a finished app by May 1, according to the documents. The lawsuit claims West, 47, and Yiannopoulos, 39, engaged in “forced labor and cruel, inhuman, degrading treatment” as employees were allegedly subjected to racist remarks and referred to as “new slaves” while developing the porn app and a streaming app, YZYVSN, meant to compete with Apple Music and Spotify.

West and Yiannopoulos allegedly hired a group of international Black developers, including several under the age of 14, to help build the apps.

According to the documents, the employees worked primarily remotely but often communicated with the rapper’s team online via platforms such as Slack and Zoom.

The workers claim Yiannopoulos promised to pay them $120,000 upon the app’s completion, provided they agreed to work demanding hours and refrain from complaints.

Milo Yiannopoulos 

They were allegedly ordered to sign non-disclosure agreements or face termination without pay. The developers who were minors were allegedly required to sign “volunteer” agreements.

During their employment, the workers allege that white managers often used degrading language towards them based on their age, sex, race, and sexual orientation.

Yiannopoulos allegedly sent one Black employee an emoji of a person with dark skin and called another a “school shooter.” In addition to unpaid wages and overtime pay, the employees are also seeking damages for emotional distress.

In May, it was confirmed that Yiannopoulos resigned from Yeezy over West’s plans to venture into the porn industry.

“I wish Ye every success in the future. I have some concerns about his new team, and hope he proceeds with caution,” the far-right political commentator told TMZ.

Yiannopoulos expressed his concerns about West’s business plans in his resignation letter, saying he’s not willing to participate because it would pose “an imminent danger to my life as a recovering addict and an unacceptable risk to my spiritual and physical health as a former homosexual.”

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