Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses Who Ruled the Afterlife

Forget the Avengers, these cats (and falcons, and jackals) were the OG deities.


Ancient Egypt. Land of pyramids, pharaohs, and enough gods and goddesses to make your head spin.  Forget the Avengers, these 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses, celestial beings were the real OG superheroes (and some serious villains) who ruled the cosmos and the lives of the Nile dwellers. 

So, grab your virtual papyrus scroll and some divine ambrosia (or a cold beverage, we don’t judge) as we delve into the top 10 Egyptian gods and goddesses who kept things interesting (and sometimes downright chaotic) along the Nile.

Ra (The OG Sun God) 

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Picture a giant, flaming falcon with a lion’s head. That’s Ra, the big cheese himself, the god of the sun, light, and order. He sailed his solar boat across

the sky each day, battling the forces of darkness to bring light and warmth. Basically, the OG light source before electricity (and a way cooler way to explain sunrise).

Osiris (The Lord of the Underworld) 

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Osiris, the king of dudes, got murdered by his jealous brother, Set. But fear not! Osiris wasn’t one to stay dead. With the help of his ever-loving wife

Isis (more on her later), he became the lord of the underworld, judge of the dead, and – plot twist! –  a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings. 

Isis (The Ultimate Power Couple Material)

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Isis, the epitome of a strong, independent woman (goddess?), was the wife and sister of Osiris.  After his demise, she used her magic to bring him back to life (temporarily, at least).  Isis also became the goddess of motherhood, magic, and protection, basically the ultimate multi-tasking deity. 

Set (The Green-Faced Troublemaker) 

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Remember the jealous brother who murdered Osiris? That’s Set, the god of chaos, storms, and the desert (not exactly a vacation destination).  He was often depicted as a green-faced dude with a canine head, not exactly the friendliest looking fella. 

Horus (The Avenging Falcon God with a Fancy Eye)

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Son of Osiris and Isis, Horus was the ultimate sky god, often depicted as a falcon with a golden sun disk for a head (seriously, these Egyptians loved their falcons). 

He battled his uncle Set to avenge his father’s murder, losing an eye in the process (which later got magically healed – this is mythology, after all). 

Hathor (The Party Goddess) 

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Hathor wasn’t your average party girl. Sure, she was the goddess of love, beauty, music, and dance, but she was also a fierce protector and a powerful warrior goddess.  Imagine Beyonce with a battleaxe – that’s Hathor.  

Anubis (The Jackal-Headed Gatekeeper of the Underworld) 

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Anubis, with his jackal head and black fur, might seem intimidating, but he was actually the protector of the dead and the god of embalming.  He guided souls through the underworld and weighed their

hearts against the feather of truth to determine their fate. Basically, the afterlife bouncer with a heart of gold (or well, anubis-shaped heart).  

Bastet (The Cat Lady with a Bite)  

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Egyptians loved their cats, so naturally, they had a cat goddess – Bastet.  She was the protector of the home, the goddess of cats (duh), and a symbol of

good health and happiness. Don’t mess with someone who has a giant, fire-breathing cat goddess on their side.  

Thoth (The Know-It-All God with the Head of an Ibis) 

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Thoth, the god of wisdom, writing, magic, and the moon, was basically the brainiac of the bunch.  Often depicted with the head of an ibis (a long-legged bird), he was the keeper of knowledge, the inventor of writing, and the voice of reason amongst the sometimes-squabbling gods. 

Nut (The Sky Goddess Who Gave Us a Daily Light Show) 

Nile By Night: The 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Nut, the sky goddess, was often pictured as a woman arching over the earth, her body painted with stars.  She was the mother of the sun god Ra and played a crucial role in his daily journey across the sky. 

The Pharaohs – Living Gods on Earth

The Egyptians believed their pharaohs weren’t just rulers, they were living gods on earth.  They were seen as the embodiment of Horus, the falcon god, and were responsible for maintaining cosmic order (and keeping the party going, presumably). 

These are just the 10 Egyptian Gods & Goddesses but the Egyptian pantheon is a rich tapestry of characters, each with their own stories, rivalries, and spicy scandals that would make even Zeus blush.  Here’s a taste of the drama:

Family Feuds 

Sibling rivalry wasn’t limited to Thanksgiving dinners. Osiris getting murdered by his brother Set? Isis using magic to revive her dead husband? 

These are just a few examples of the epic family feuds that rocked the divine world (and probably caused some serious awkwardness at celestial get-togethers).

Love Triangles (and Squares)

The Egyptians weren’t shy about a little divine romance (sometimes even with mortals!).  Osiris and Isis were the ultimate power couple, but there

were plenty of other entanglements, like Ra’s many children born from various goddesses.  It’s enough to make your head spin (and question the celestial plumbing).

Monsters and Mayhem

The Egyptian underworld wasn’t all sunshine and fields of reeds (whatever those are).  There were terrifying monsters like Apophis, the giant serpent

who threatened to swallow the sun every night.  These battles between good and evil kept things interesting (and probably gave the gods some serious adrenaline rushes). 

So, the next time you see a picture of a pyramid or hear someone mention “pharaoh,” remember the stories behind them.  The ancient Egyptians may be gone, but their gods and goddesses continue to live

on, reminding us of the power of myth, the importance of family (even if they are a little dysfunctional), and the never-ending battle between good and evil (and sometimes giant serpents). 

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