Pixie Lott reveals she and Oliver Cheshire have DIFFERENT love languages in rare chat about marriage


Pixie Lott married her partner of 14 years, model Oliver Cheshire, 36, in June 2022 and they welcomed a son, Albert Charles, known as Bertie, back in October.

Looking happier than ever, Pixie, 33, credits her long-term love Oliver with keeping her from going off the rails after she was discovered aged 15 as a singer. 


In a rare chat about their marriage, she told the My Dirty Laundry podcast that she and Oliver have grown up together, but have completely different love languages.

She said: ‘It’s weird because we’ve been together for such a long time, but it also feels like it was like yesterday.

‘I feel like we’ve grown up together. We started going out when I was 19 and I’m 33 now.

‘We’ve had so many adventures and memories and stories that we share that I feel like our roots are so grounded and entwined.

‘And to have that in a business that is so crazy and up and down… to have that constant has really kept me going. 


She continued ‘So I feel really lucky in that sense. When we first started dating, we were used to crazy schedules and being in different places and different time zones. 

‘It wasn’t as if like we got together and we didn’t have work schedules like that, and then all of a sudden it kicked in and it all changed. 

‘So we’ve always known what to expect, how to go through that. First of all, it was Blackberry Messenger, now it’s WhatsApp, FaceTime, you know, that kind of stuff. 

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‘I feel really lucky to have someone by my side. Family is a big thing for me. Always has been and always will be. So to have Oliver with me – I feel very lucky.’

Talking about how romantic Oliver is, Pixie said: ‘I think a good team because he’s actually an amazing cook. Thank God, because I’m dreadful, like really, really bad.’

Pixie is back with a brand new single and album – her first music in 10 years.

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