Police chase man at GUNPOINT after he climbs up stadium room: video


Police were forced to intervene after the final whistle on Germany‘s 2-0 win against Denmark when a masked man climbed into the rafters at BVB Stadion Dortmund. 

Now, security has been ramped up for the tournament after a slew of terror threats.


Fans were still in the stadium after full-time, when the crowd were split by lines of police seeking to bring the supporter down from the roof beams. 

Footage obtained showed the man walking along a beam high above those below in the stands, many of whom were shouting at him to come down.


The man – who had his face covered as he made the climb – walked to the corner of the stadium’s roof as police sought to catch up with him. 

The police drew their guns as they chased him down in the rafters, with the man relenting at gunpoint. 


He was later handcuffed and unmasked by the police as fans were evacuated from the stadium in the immediate aftermath of the incident.

While the man’s motive is not yet known, the ease with which he was able to make it to the roof of the stadium will no doubt raise security concerns amid the European Championship.

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