Soon-To-Be Grandfather In Maryland Tragically Passed Away After Being Struck On The Head By A Neighbor Following An Argument About His Dogs Entering Their Backyard


Marvin Guevara, 40, had his dogs escape from his Boyd home through a hole in his fence on June 14, as reported by the Montgomery County Police Department.

He then went to his neighbor’s residence to retrieve the dogs and offer an apology for the inconvenience, according to his daughter-in-law, Flor Flores, speaking to News4.

During a verbal altercation with an unnamed female resident at the property regarding his dogs’ presence, the situation turned violent.

Investigators determined that the female struck Guevara in the head during the altercation, necessitating his immediate hospitalization.

Flores captured part of the altercation on video, which reportedly shows the female and an unidentified male engaging in a heated argument with Guevara before physical violence erupted.

Flores recounted that prior to filming, the female neighbor had struck her father-in-law on the side of his face, attempting to strike him again before Flores intervened with her phone.

Tragically, Guevara succumbed to his injuries two weeks later, on June 30. His body is currently undergoing an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore, with the county’s Major Crimes Division also investigating the circumstances leading to his death.

Neighbors involved in the incident, who have not been charged with any crime as of yet, claimed Guevara was trespassing on their property, though specifics were not disclosed.

Investigators found that the female hit Guevara in the head during the altercation, and he needed to be transported to an area hospital.

The altercation occurred in a residential area approximately five miles outside Germantown, Maryland.

As the family awaits answers regarding Guevara’s death, they express profound sadness that a dispute over dogs escalated into violence. Describing Guevara as an active church member known for his kindness and generosity, his devastated family shared that he had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of his first grandchild, a granddaughter due next month, whom he will sadly never meet.

Flores recalled fondly how Guevara had planned to teach his granddaughter life skills like walking and horse riding, highlighting the deep personal loss felt by the family in the wake of this tragic incident.

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