Spain: Eight Boys Are Facing Accusations Of Allegedly Gang-R*Ping A Disabled Classmate In The Girls’ Bathroom


The s*x attack on the 12-year-old girl occurred in a Peñaflor, Seville school in May, according to a police report filed by the child’s family. 

The police document said that the girl was ‘removed from the sight of students and teachers and taken to the girl’s bathroom’ during a break, where the gang r*pe allegedly occurred.

Speaking to Spanish television program ‘Y Ahora Sonsoles’ the girl’s distressed grandmother, whose identity was not shared, detailed the horrifying incident. 

‘They grabbed my hands and they opened my legs and they made love to me’, the girl reportedly told her grandmother, to which she responded: ‘No my dear, that’s not making love’. 

Her grandmother also described the ‘hell’ the young girl endured the days after, as she did not open up about her assault for several days.

She did not want to go to school, would not eat, and would not sleep, her grandmother told a separate outlet, Telemadrid. 

She would also repeatedly pull her own hair and throw herself on the ground before she finally opened up to her grandmother.

She was then taken to the hospital for an examination. The forensic medical team confirmed that the girl had been penetrated, the grandmother said. 

But since all children involved in the horrific attack were born between 2011 and 2012, making them 12 and 13 years old, means that the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office cannot carry out any kind of investigation.

According to Spanish Juvenile Law, when a perpetrator of r*pe is under the age of 14, he or she won’t be held liable.

The case has been transferred to Child Protection Services as a result. 

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