Video: TikToker Touches Girl’s Br£Ast And Calls Her “My Wife”

Video: TikToker Touches Girl's Br£Ast And Calls Her

Nigerians are calling for the arrest of a TikToker for s*xually assaulting a minor.

In a video shared online, the content creator known as Bobor is seen in his car, talking to a girl in school uniform who was standing outside his car.

As she greets him, he stretches out his hand and touches the girl’s breast. He lets his hand linger on her breast for a while before finally leaving her breast to cup her chin.

He called her “my wife” then asked her to get into the car.

The video angered viewers and the TikToker shared another video explaining his actions.

He claimed he did not know his hand was touching he girl’s breast. According to him, he was holding his phone in front of him and was trying to push her back so his camera could capture her face, but his hand went to her breast instead.

Without remorse, he scolded his critics and told them the girl is like a kid sister to him. He then gave a mock apology.

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