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10 Signs To Know You’re Being True To Yourself

11:18 am
Sometimes, we live fake lives to make ourselves feel better. But when you look at it the right way, living a lie does not make you feel ...

10 Ways To Know If You Are A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

10:29 am
There is information that everyone is sensitive to, some more than others. On some occasions, people may feel insulted when told they ar...


7 Things ONLY The Old Souls Can Fully Understand

6:55 pm
Who are old souls? Simply put, old souls are people who see the logical side of everything. They are the one who seems to apply higher...

16 Uncomfortable Feelings You Must Face To Make Your Life Better

12:23 pm
A lot of people do not like change, instead it has to be forced upon them before they can accept it. Change can only come about when we ...


6 Rules To Live A Better Life - Powerful Quotes About Life

5:12 pm
You are living a good life, but you can be better. How can you then live a better life? It is simply by doing what you are doing now bet...


10 Signs That Your Soul And Not Your Body Is Tired and Ways To Fix It

9:45 am
People are used to recognizing the signs of body exhaustion. When our body is stressed and tired, we feel it and we notice the signs.  ...


5 Ways To Protect Yourself From Being Used

10:15 am
Do not be deceived! People may mean otherwise of what they tell you. This does not mean you should always rebuff people’s idea or opinio...


7 Ways To Spot Emotional Triggers And How To Stop Them

10:02 am
A lot of people were forced to suppress their emotions when they were growing up. To our parents, it was a normal part of growing.  ...


8 Common Characteristics Shared By Dysfunctional Families And How It Would Affects You

1:31 pm
Families are regarded as the backbone of every strong and responsible individual. People who come from good, supportive homes end up way...

How To Raise Spiritually Awakened Children

1:12 pm
Have we taken the time to ask why children are seen as spiritual beings? That is because they are born with unique abilities that will o...

32 Red Flags Of Manipulative People: Narcissist, Sociopath ...

12:10 pm
Sadly, people get entangled in toxic relationships with people who have twisted personalities, warped mentalities, narcissists and manip...


15 Ways You Can Cope With Toxic Or Estranged Family Relationship

9:56 pm
Family they say is the first and most important institution. Every possible feeling and emotion one can feel comes from association with...


15 Things A Narcissist Will Not Do - Don't Even Think Of It

9:17 pm
Narcissist has that unique ability to be physically, emotionally, and psychologically abusive to everyone they meet without the person k...

5 Known Law Of Attraction That Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams

8:40 pm
A good number of people do not know what the law of attraction states, probably because they have not come across the term before, or be...


10 Disturbing Signs You Are Being Watched By A Guardian Angel

3:56 pm
The idea of having someone spiritual watch over us is thrilling. A guardian angel is one who watches over you and prevents you from comi...

10 Useful Psychology Tricks That You Need To Know

12:07 pm
We live in a world where wit and intelligence are constantly put to use to survive on a daily basis. Despite all this, we still need mor...


12 Powerful Psychological Tricks You Can Use To Influence People - Known Them

9:59 am
Peoples actions have always been controlled by certain things ranging from the things we do, the things we see, the things we hear and f...


5 Habits That Ruin Your Self-Esteem To Avoid If You've Been Feeling Down

9:31 am
Habits are one thing we all have. While some are good, there are also terrible ones. They are simply activities we develop over time, in...

5 Struggles Highly Intuitive People Suffers Every Day

9:16 am
Different people have different opinions as to intuition. Some say it is the state of being self-aware. Others call it the soul’s sens...


Inside The Mind And The Images of a Very Sensitive Person

8:30 am
You always put in your best, so as to attract compliments, but it is criticism or corrections instead. Your family and friends would hav...