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6 Ways To Manifest Your Dream Job Or Career Using The ‘Law Of Attraction’

10:15 am
The law of attraction has worked in the favor of a lot of people over the years. For it to have worked out for people was because they...


6 Best Steps To Take When You Feel Overwhelmed

12:37 pm
Situations and daily activities can make us feel overwhelmed with emotions. People can get so overwhelmed that they lose focus and coordi...

6 Warning Signs You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

11:26 am
There are evil people everywhere. In our neighbourhood, in our schools, in our workplace and even in the church. But is it really fair or...


Here's How to Read Auras Color And The Meaning of Each Color

2:04 pm
Every living thing emits energy from their bodies. Although these energies cannot be seen, they are often picked up by people with specia...


12 Archangels and their Connection With Each Zodiac Sign - From Aries, Leo to Pisces

5:42 pm
We are all influenced, directly or indirectly by our stars. It says a lot about our personalities and can speak for us even when we are n...

17 Morning Rituals That Can Change Your Life

5:01 pm
The state of your mind in the early hours of the morning can determine how your entire day will turn out. This is why it is important tha...


The 6 Commandments Of Vulnerable Communication

9:19 am
Communication is one of the very vital or important things required for a relationship to work. When you share good communication with yo...


Do you Often Wake Up Between 3 am to 5 am? Here is what it means

10:17 am
At different points in our lives, we have woken up in the middle of the night. While some people may go back to sleep almost immediately ...


11 Scary Symptoms of A Nervous Breakdown You Should Never Ignore

12:40 pm
When we go about our daily activities and routines, we are faced and confronted with several situations and conditions. While some of...

6 Signs You Are Dating A Rebounder

10:54 am
Being in a relationship is a wonderful thing, especially if you are in it with a person who truly cares about you and loves you deeply....


14 Signs You Have A Toxic Mother-In-Law

5:26 pm
While people pray for a good marriage and spouse, it is also important to pray for a good mother in law. All over the world, with speci...


13 Signs Of A Toxic Parent That People Do Not Realise

1:06 pm
There are toxic people everywhere we go. We meet them whenever we go out but what we fail to understand that most of these toxic people...

Pick a Symbol We Will Tell You Which Phase of Life You Have Entered

11:51 am
Life is in different phases and at different ages of our lives, we find ourselves in each of these stages. The activities we carry out ...


Choose An Animal And We Will Reveal The Darkest Aspect Of Your Personality

5:45 pm
Have you ever wondered why we are attracted to certain things we cannot explain? Or why we react in a certain way. It is due to our perso...

7 Best Compliments For Introvert If You Want Them Happy

5:07 pm
A lot of people have different assumptions and opinions when it comes to introverts. Some see them in the positive light while others d...


7 Important Grounding Tips For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

8:14 pm
When you are an empathy that picks up every emotion you come across, or you are a highly sensitive person who reacts to everything happen...

9 Ways To Own Your Shadow Before It Owns You

11:38 am
We all know and believe that our shadow is that dark reflection caused or created when we come close to a light source. While this type i...

4 Compliments That Are A Totally Turn Off For An Introvert

9:46 am
There are compliments that we love to hear. Those that lift our spirits and make us feel appreciated, loved and special. On the same note...


The Impact Of Branding And Celebrity Endorsement On Generic Product

11:27 am
Branding is giving a product or service a particular image; it is a marketing strategy The aim of branding is to convince and influence...


5 Ways To Know “it’s Time To Stop In Any Settings Of Life You Find Yourself”?

2:36 pm
Many of us have overseen fighting lost battles- had we known, we could have saved our energy for other important things, we found it hard...