28+ Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas to Watch Out For in 2020


These ideas will make you a real mom and Dad! Yes, let’s ride on… Designing or decorating a room for a teenage girl can be a task. Since they’re growing up so quickly, it’s hard to design a room that can cater to all of their growing needs. Not to worry, though. We have curated 28+ Teenage girl bedroom ideas and inspirations that will help you.

Explore all the great ideas, tips and tricks you need to start decorating the perfect bedroom for your little teenage girl.

Peach And Gold

If you want a girl bedroom that is minimal and chic, then these two colours should be your go-to colours. Peach and Gold go great together and are super trendy.

These bedroom designs are minimal and do not overpower the vibe of the teenager’s bedroom so that their ideas can flow without constraints.

Since you’re going with the peach and gold colour scheme, use plain white furniture and pair with bamboo or wooden furniture.

Clear chairs are also a super trendy furniture piece at the moment and look great in a teen’s bedroom
Bohemian style teenage girl bedroom ideas

As we’ve discussed the bohemian decor style a lot of times, it’s needless to say that it is a very uplifting and fun decor option.

Bohemian patterns and prints boost the vibe and encourage creativity.

This loft style bedroom is great for a teenage girl as it is super fun and also saves a lot of space. Leaves enough space for when friends come over. And loads of space to be creative.

How beautiful is this minimal boho style bedroom with a clean wooden framed bunk bed.

Cutting off the legs for the lower bunk is a great way to make more space above the top bunker.

Vintage Bedroom

A beautiful vintage style bedroom idea. Love the vintage dressing table. Perfect for a little teenage girl.

Give your teenager their first Urban Jungle- style bedroom

So the Urban Jungle trend has really caught on recently. It’s also a perfect theme for a teenage girl’s bedroom.

It’s a style that creates an eclectic and active space full of life.

Also, having real plants around encourages teens to be responsible at an early age.

Theme-inspired bedrooms

Bedrooms with a theme are great for kids or teenagers bedrooms as it gives them a space which revolves around their personal interest and hobbies.

For example, this Harry-Potter themed bedroom by Addison’s Wonderland is so pretty.

It is a perfect example of using a theme but not going overboard with it.

The Harry Potter elements have been incorporated smartly into the bedroom decor without making it look all about it.

Canopy beds

Almost every teenage girl loves a canopy bed in her bedroom. They look great and are super functional as well.

The frame gives clean lines and an eclectic vibe the room decor.

Farmhouse Style decor

Also, a great decor style for a teen’s bedroom is farmhouse style. Very colourful, super trendy and creative.

Room for two

Decorating a room for two teenagers can be super challenging. Here are a few ideas for bedroom ideas for two teenagers girls that try to create an environment that is convenient and spacious for both.

A creative study space/area

A study space is a must in any teenager’s bedroom. And making it creative is also super important as well as it gives their creativity a boost.

Making the study space fun and interesting is a great way to give them the motivation to study or be creative in that space.

A reading nook

Another great way to motivate teens to read more is to give them a cute little reading nook. It also looks great and adds to the decor of the bedroom. Here are a few ideas to create reading nooks.

Making use of space and storage

If space is a constraint then these ideas are perfect for you. Some seriously smart and creative way to add more storage while still letting the room look spacious.

Mini adult style decor

As teenagers grow quickly, their interests and hobbies can fluctuate at the speed of light. They also want less of a childish space and more of an adult-like space as they are technically mini adults. So here are a few ideas to decorate their bedrooms in a way that they won’t get bored of till they grow up.

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