40 Elegant Living Room Wall Decor Ideas Matching with Furniture


The living room is the very place where family members can spend quality time together. That is why it is better to have it built so you can have the space to gather with your family at home. That said, there are lots of things to think about to build one. Even things like living room wall colour ideas are something you need to give proper thought. We can’t just go with them randomly after all.

Color choices in home design matter so much. Depending on what you might choose, you will make different mood for the room. Since living room is the place where family members could relax together, you need proper color to make suitable vibe for the needs.

Also, it is necessary for you to consider changing it after quite some time to get a change of pace. That way, your family would always enjoy coming home and love spending time with everyone at home. Let’s just see here then.

Dark Gray Living Room

Dark Gray Living Room
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Green Paint For Living Room
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You might never realize before that giving a few brush strokes of particular color to the wall can change something. This dark gray wall here is the first proof you can take into account. The charcoal color it has gives soothing vibe around the room.

Many modern homes apply this color for their living room. With soothing vibe like that, you can feel more relaxed. Not to mention, its deep tone gives more character to a room, making it beyond ordinary. Gray color isn’t always gloomy looking.

Light Gray with Bright Pieces

Gray color hues have been pretty popular in home design these days. Dark gray has soothing vibe to offer. How about the light one then? Of course, even light tone can make good mood to the living room. To make the most of it though, you need to go with neutral furniture.

Use bright accent pieces too. They blend so well and make the room bright enough while still pretty calming to stay in. Really, we can expect no less from this color. If deep gray looks fine, the light one won’t be a problem at all.

Room Wall with Brown Hues

Paint Color Ideas Black Furniture
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You don’t have to stick yourself with gray color hues forever. After all, there are other color options as well. Brown color for example, has good range of color hues to offer. Beige one would make wonderful look with bright and golden pieces in the room.

If you want humbler look, you can go with lighter hues and pair them with gray or white pieces. Get some black items and you will give more character to living room with this humble color. Brown hues do give warm vibe with its earthy look.

Accent Wall for Sense of Style

Painting all sides of wall in the same color is classic way of coloring a room. Even though it is still applied in today’s home designs, you might want something more than that. If that is the case with you, you should consider going with accent wall instead.

Living room wall colour ideas are all great, but it is not so bad either. You make particular wall to center the focus with picture or you can use color instead, leaving the rest plain and different. It will make very nice background to look at too.

Green Hues for Botanical Feel

When it comes to home design, you mustn’t forget its color schemes at all. They have the ability to create specific vibe in the room. Green hues for instance, are just perfect for botanical feel. They are closely related after all. With green wall, you can have potted plants in.

If you don’t prefer having them inside your house, you can change them into wall decors, like sun mirror, plant painting in frame, floral curtain, and the kind. You will still get the vibe that is so refreshing for your living room.

Living Room Wall in Blue Hues

Of course, you can go with blue color if you love this particular color instead. Deep blue color gives nautical or deep sea atmosphere in the room. It works well to make the room look so dramatic. If you want calmer feel though, lighter hues will be the best color to go with.

Its beachy vibe gives relaxing feel that suits the best for places where everyone gathers to relax together like living room. Just make sure to pair the walls with suitable pieces and decors for your living room theme at home.

Gray Walls with Tint of Color

Blue Grey Color Scheme Living Room
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There are deep and light hues in each color. However, if we go into detail, you can catch tint of other color in particular one. Gray color for example, could have tint of green or blue color in it. The combination of the two makes new and unique colors to use in home design.

Of course, you will get both vibes coming from the two colors. Gray with tint of green for instance, would feel so soothing and so refreshing at a time due to its nature color. The green will not look too much for living room.

Living Room with Bright Colors

Living room does not have to be brightly colorful to add cheerfulness atmosphere in your family. If you don’t want it to be too much, the kind of living room wall colour ideas we suggest here would be one with white hues instead. The lighter they are, the better they can add calming vibe to the room.

Since the walls are basically neutral looking, you will have the freedom to go with any colored pieces to go with. You’ll get the job done quicker than you think. Of course, the result will still look the best.

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