Psychic Powers Each Zodiac Sign Posses

Psychic power actually means beyond- natural- charm you possess even in your natural state: 
What are those things you do that can never do? Have you observed that strange sense(s) in you? Yes, you are born like every other person but there is something you have that others don’t have- -Won’t  you want to know?

Taurus as a zodiac sign are experts in seeing what Libra or other zodiac signs wouldn’t see.
What a strange world with strange beings!
What is it that you have that nobody has?

1. Cancer

(Living In minds)
How you know the contents of heart still amazes me, you seems to be present in your friends’ hearts even when sitting many metres away from them. You tends to have a wi-Fi that connects you with others state of minds. You are mind mapper that operates with emotional wi-Fi network .

2. Leo

(Lords of the Moments)
In any gathering, a dull moment seems inevitable, but during these dull moments you (as a leo) would not be found, but you won’t be found missing when excitement is in the air. It is either you create those exciting moments or be a part. Instinctively, you know when to walk-in and walk-out of a gathering. If they see you walking out of a party, I will advise those gracing the party to follow suit because there’ll be excitements, fun no more. You have the special sense for extraordinary moments.

3. Scorpio

(A being with Eagle eyes)
How you always think out of the  boxes remains a mystery. Actually, nothing comes as a surprise to you. You are the most proactive of all zodiac signs. You are a borne-leader, not a trained one.

4. Taurus

(Naturally Hyped-up)
On the outside, it seems you are not walking but contrary to what we see, you are actually flying. You will always see a hollow where water comes out in a wilderness. You are an expert in seeing the invisible. Basically, I can say you like seeing what others are not seeing per time.

5. Libra

(A liberal psychic)
You are with liberal thoughts, your psychic innate skill predicts and assumes rightly. However, you seems to have lost your prey when highlighting and predicting who is too familiar to you. You are not sure of what you will do next but you are so sure of others movements.

6. Virgo

(Friend to the Unreals)
If you say it will rain despite the cloud not gathered yet, it would surely rain. You say odd (out of context) things, yet they happen.

7. Gemini

(Friend of Words)
You always know what to say even without preparation, and you would be correct and accurate. Your psychic ability is inspiration. It has always been like there’s someone who tells you what to say- even to your very amazement.

8. Capricorn

(Right Time)
Capricorn psychic ability is knowing when to take three (3) steps at a go or just a step. In life, people always want to be ahead of others  without minding that change-in-operations could happen at their backs. Instinctively, you know when to press on accelerator and when to apply brake.

9. Sagittarius

(The Know-How)
Most often, people know what to do but do not know how to do it. But you being a Sagittarian know how to achieve your big objectives. Success and achievements are written over you.

10. Aries

(Luck on Your Way)
As boredom engages you, you activate your internet connection to surf the web and you stumble across a recruitment information that betters your life. You do meet good things on you way without nurturing such thoughts.

11. Pisces

(The Know-All)
You are the most naturalistic species of man, you always know more than they, little details matter to you and it always give you that edge. Your psychic ability makes you rule the subconscious mind of thoughts.

12. Aquarius

(Irresistible requests)
You often take people by their words, not to use it against them but to appeal for what you long for. You are too irresistible to be damned when placing requests. How you do this- you can’t even explain to yourself.

Is written by Ola Moses
Ola Mosese is a top writer on Emmanuelsblog TV
Picture credit: The Mind Journal 

Psychic Powers Each Zodiac Sign Possess
© the minds journal
Psychic Powers Each Zodiac Sign Possess
© the minds journal

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