Spot The Best! Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst To Best


Is there any man
perfect? NO, but some good traits come first before another. Don’t you want to
know which is which and where you belong?

The intention of this post is to help shine light on you to
know yourself better. Regardless of your fault, know that you can overturn them
somehow through self-realization, dedication and commitment.

Do not feel bad reading it, it could be your shadow or someone
you once were. (Smiles)



Aries is a fire sign, people in this category breathe fire
as well. When fire rages, they will not even spare the person that lights them
up. Aries are so aggressive and arrive at conclusions easily- they are
judgemental. They are the most difficult to deal with, no patience and they
asks excessively. OMG!


Pisces are water sign, full of emotions but lack empathy.
They are manipulative, users of people . They are thoughtful of themselves,
watch out if they commend you. It is a pity this is my zodiac sign, but guess
what? You can become better.

Spot The Best! Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst To Best


Scorpio with symbol Scorpion is ever ready to throw a venom.
They deal with you even at their own pain. Nothing like empathy to them, though
emotions run in them. Please be careful with them.


Gemini is a air sign. By how they do things, people
misjudged and don not really know their intentions, so naturally people hate
them with no visible reasons. They are talk of the town –in sense of disapproval.
They do not care what others think about them as they go on doing their things.
They are callous and rigid in all things, they enjoy workibng in military


They argue down the earth, reckless, they are tactless in
their approach. One way is their choice of way, even if their approach crushes
you, they still press further.


Capricorn are revengeful, willful, and strong-minded, they
are the wisest in their own conceit.


Taurus are ever contented with what you give them or where
you put them, they are calm and reliable. You can trust them, they  are stubborn- 
Remember they are bulls.


People love Virgo naturally because they work to please
people, they are innocent, wise and helpful. However, anxiety is found in them.

Spot The Best! Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst To Best


Cancer is a good confidant, a listener that won’t judge you
for your silly practices. Their emotions come with empathy, trust them, they
can keep your dirts. Nevertheless, they can become over sensitive.


Aquarians expresses themselves, they are freedom fighters,
they are fair- no to injustice. However, they sometimes rebel.


Libras are lover of patience, loving, they are listeners of
the highest other- more than a Cancer, they avoid errors, they are really
initiator, they are smart. Though they are poor in decision making.

12. LEO

People of this zodiac sign are true down to the ground, they
are the most courageous of zodiac signs they are generous, loyal, as star as
they are, they still possess humility. their star makes them so famous without
losing any of their good traits, success, fame, or position never intoxicate
them, I found to be ever cool. Nevertheless, they sometimes are overzealous.

SPOT THE BEST! Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst To Best

is written by Ola Moses

Spot The Best! Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst To Best
Spot The Best! Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst To Best

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