This Week Top Stories About Each Zodiac Signs: The Upside And Downside Life OF Each


This Week Top Stories About Each Zodiac Signs: The Upside And Downside Life OF Each

If there is a North, there will be a South…every coming has a shortcoming. This article allows you to know which is yours or that of a friend.

Read your positive and negative effect and be the boss here..

This Week Top Stories About Each Zodiac Signs: The Upside And Downside Life OF Each


Upside life: They are dedicated individuals and committed. They have stability in all they do; staying with a lover for several years. So, too, with loyalty to employers or business partners. They are ever optimistic and are ready to help people around- so caring.

Downside life: Since, they do not like seeing people hurt, they do not often make good decisions, if the good decisions have to chance to upset the quo. They find themselves practicing dogmatism since they feel everything so deeply and intensely, they do most of their things excessively.


Upside life: These are honest individuals, wise, and love sharing what they know with people, they are optimists, encouraging with loads of enthusiasms in them.

Downside life: They know many things, but do not know the exact thing they need, hence, they tend to be reckless. Constantly have big dreams and most of the time get lost by the virtue of many dreams. Overly optimistic as times go on.
This Week Top Stories About Each Zodiac Signs: The Upside And Downside Life OF Each


Upside life: They are wo-men of charisma, versatility is one of their skills, they are resourceful and always being frank. They are irresistible with their intelligence.

Downside life: They are restless and can easily be distracted, though they can make commitments, but their commitments can easily go off the radar in a blink of an eye. Depression is not far from them.


Upside life: They are courageous and brimming with self-confidence, they are good initiators and can play the role of an hero-ine, generous to some extent.

Downside life: They easily get lost in self-thoughts and display selfishness, they see things as competition, their emotions get better of them on daily basis. They are better at starting than finishing because they lack patience.


Upside life: Aquarians are proactive in thoughts, inspiring, open minded, they have zero tolerance for injustice, they are with logical minds, they are passionate individuals.

Downside life: They don’t know how to compromise, and sometimes act irrational, they are too rigid, they rebel and have odd personalities.
This Week Top Stories About Each Zodiac Signs: The Upside And Downside Life OF Each


Upside life: Capricorns are loyal and reflect organization. They can easily take care of things because this zodiac sign rules men and father figures. So naturally, they play fatherly role and have strong will. Unlike Aries, they are good at starting and finishing, they are disciplined.

Downside life: They are unforgiving and James in nature, they are slow in decision-making and difficult. Competition drives them.


Upside life: They are the best listeners out there, and would always have initiatives to share with you. They have cheer leading spirit, and are diplomats. Their sense of justice is good.

Downward life: In the class of Aries when it comes to starting and finishing, they are lazy and poor in decisions making and usually get lost in self-thoughts.
This Week Top Stories About Each Zodiac Signs: The Upside And Downside Life OF Each

8. LEO

Upside life: They are source of energy to others, courageous, and inspiring. They are zealous and light- hearted. They can express themselves easily; their honesty and loyalty are down to the ground- no shaking. They are naturally fun fair. 

Downward life: They constantly show their egos, light hearted and cold hearted; their zealous could be in excess, their mode of approach is usually high-pressured. They are greedy.


Upside life: They are long suffering, supportive and cautious. They are contented- nothing freaks them, conserved and ready to charge anytime anywhere, they are stable and security conscious, they are dedicated.

Downward life: They are stubborn, they react more (not proactive), they are grounded to their comfort spaces, they are lazy and materialistic.


Upside life: They are brave, they are attractive to people, their passion is intense, they make a good confidant because they keep secrets and are protective, they make use of the slightest opportunities around.

Downward life: They are unforgiving, possessive, experts in manipulation and secretive.


Upside life: They are health-conscious, hardworking, they take note of everything, even the slightest detail, they are smart and industrious, brave and frank. They are friends to perfection, they give people pleasures.

Downward life: They are anxious and self-critical, they are too instructive, and being submerged by emotions.
This Week Top Stories About Each Zodiac Signs: The Upside And Downside Life OF Each


Upside life: They are loving, caregiver, rich in empathy and emotion. This zodiac sign rules female and women figures, they are domesticated and sensitive. They are rich in patience and creative, constantly giving pleasures to people.

Downward life: They suffer from nostalgic and sometimes keep to themselves, feeling

This Week Top Stories About Each Zodiac Signs; The Upside And Downside Life OF Each.
is written by Ola Moses

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