Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Most Hard Ones To Love To The Easiest


1. VIRGO (August 2 –
September 23)

‘The Self-sufficient

You like keeping to yourself, you are self-reliant, and
others do not influence your life.

2. SCORPIO (October
23 – November 22)

‘Out Of Choice’

They do not know what they really want, so other finds it
difficult in knowing how to relate with them. You must have worked hard to know
what is on their mind. 

(November 23 – December 21)

‘The Good Day Buddy’

They are not ready to drop their sweats for whatsoever
reason under any condition, they are not committed. They only romance with you
in good times.

4. AQUARIUS (January
21 – February 18)

‘Being Security

They would not want you to sense or feel their insecurities,
so they keep their feelings and emotions to themselves. To be a friend to them
is a great task, it takes Aquarius many things to open up to you.

(December 22 – January 20)

‘The Realist’

They are deep rooted to the ground, and only expend energy
in what is only true and real. If there is no positive sign coming from what
you have in common, they won’t waste their time with you.

6. GEMINI (May 22 –
June 21)

‘Poor In Decision

Their sense of judgement is easily beclouded with emotions
which leads to incorrect decision on their part. However if you can make
decision for them, they will appreciate and stay with you.

7. LEO (July 22 –
August 22)

‘The Gambling Type’

You can never tell if the path they are walking with you
will last for nights, yet you are the only one that can determine their staying
by keeping their ego in check.

8. ARIES (March 21 –
April 19)


They do not understand what happens outside work, the
language they understand is work, they will fall sick if you take work away
from them. Most of the time, they settle down late in marriage.

9. TAURUS (April 20 –
May 21)

‘The Reliable One’

Taurus takes time to commit and trust but when they do, the
journey becomes ‘till death do us apart’.


10. LIBRA (September
23 – October 20)


Libra will not demand from you what he will not do for you,
they are selfless and demanding. You will enjoy peace because they take
pressure off you.

11. PISCES (February
19 – March 20)

‘The I Can’t Do
Without You’

Tell me what can Pisces do without their partner, they are
so emotionally attached to you, they makes you feel important that comes with
sense of responsibility, they are very romantic, they love with all their

12. CANCER (June 22 –
July 22)

‘The Good Mother’

Cancer plays the role of mother, you are safer in their
hands than other zodiac signs. They develop you and help you grow.


is written by Ola Moses

Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Most Hard Ones To Love To The Easiest

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