Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Most Romantic To The Anti-Love Squad


1. PISCES (February
19 – March 20)

It is all about love, Pisces’ best is seen when in love.
They love to express love with a ll their hearts, no wonder they resort
reflecting their thoughts in love poems, heart-to-heart letters. As though they
are lovebirds, they sing love. They are the most romantic of zodiac signs.

2. TAURUS (April 20 –
May 20)

Taurus is committed to love, they spend time giving it.
Taurus would stay indoor with their beloved ones throughout than going to

3. CANCER (June 21 –
July 22)

To every given circumstances, love remains constant.
Disappoint them and they won’t give up on love, they would rather look and
search it out in somebody else. Actually, they show and give you love first, so
do good and reciprocate their good intention.

4. ARIES (March 21 –
April 19)

Welcome to total expression of love, they go on adventures
to seek the love of their life. And trust me, they definitely get one after
many trials.

5. SCORPIO (October
23 – November 21)

It takes them quite a time to be in love, not that they do
not believe in love but they love calculating the pros and cons that come with
love. At first, their love relationship with you will not spark goose bum in
them, but please give them time. If they eventually find you to be Mr. /Ms.
Right , then they come all out and start flying for you.

 6. LEO (July 23 –
August 22)

Leo’s primary choice of love is self-love; they must have
developed interest and admiration for themselves before reviewing love
relationship and then decide whether to give it a trial.

7. LIBRA (September
23 – October 22)

Usually, love stories in the category of Romeo and Juliet
are hard to be repeated and can even not be repeated to Libras, though they
have joy in reading such stories but they still choose to lock up and focus on
self-love. It is only the patient ones with ‘never say never attitude’ that can
win their hearts.

(November 22 – December 21)

They choose to be alone, they fear betrayal as death.  They rather have friends, associates than
lovers, though secretly they desire to be loved but they do think true love is
only made manifest in the unreal world.

(December 22 – January 19)

Career first, achievements come second, self-fulfillment
comes third…. They have no time to think about love talk less of giving it a
room. For them to think love-relationship, there must have been a spark within
that lights up the thought.

10. VIRGO (August 23
– September 22)

Virgo stays away from anything that comes with doubt, in
which love is not an exception. They prefer to focus more on what appears so
real (loved ones, successes…). Love is just an imagination or thought to them.


11. GEMINI (May 21 –
June 20)

They prefer and enjoy casual relationship; people who seem
to be in love with them often become casualties because they do not believe in
true love. They have many lovers, but at the end of everything they are just
catching fun.

12. AQUARIUS (January
20 – February 18)

Do not cry to Aquarius to report what the inflictions that
have come on you in the name of love, you will regret going to them for help.
Aquarius feedback will be ‘’You have brought this pain to yourself, why would
you say you are in love”, finally they advise you to awake from your slumber
concluding it with love is not real. Since Aquarius does not seek love, they
likely don’t see love as well.


Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Most Romantic To The Anti-Love SquadZodiac Signs Ranked From The Most Romantic To The Anti-Love Squad

Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Most Romantic To The Anti-Love SquadZodiac Signs Ranked From The Most Romantic To The Anti-Love Squad

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