Fans praise ‘down to earth’ and ‘funny’ Prince Charles after documentary airs


Prince Charles received much praise after the first part of his documentary, Prince Charles: Inside The Duchy of Cornwall, aired on ITV on Thursday night. Fans of the royal expressed their thoughts on the one-hour episode, and many were overly impressed pointing that he was ‘down to earth’ and had a ‘funny’ sense of humour. One fam wrote,

 “Watched this and found it Really interesting, looking forward to next week’s episode. Nice to see Prince Charles as a down to earth and very funny human being.” Another said, “Excellent programme! Loved learning more about the Duchy & Prince Charles has such a wonderful sense of humor.”

The documentary takes us into the Duchy of Cornwall, which covers more than 130,00 acres across 23 counties. In Thursday’s episode, Prince Charles spoke about preparing his eldest son the Duke of Cambridge for his future role, and added that he has had time to prepare himself for his upcoming responsibilities.


Royal fans loved how Charles cam

“He’s quite lucky because I found myself there at 21. I had a bit of baptism of fire really,” Charles said. “He goes and visits different parts of the Duchy of Cornwall, and so he is learning, I hope, as time goes by.” Prince William is already 37 and he said he has started to think about how he will inherit the Duchy, saying “Rest assured I’m not going to rock the boat. I’ll do much the same as what my father’s doing.” Indeed, in the past year, William has attended some private meetings in relation to the Duchy. 

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