Caring For Your Intimate Part: Things A Lady Should Not Do And Most Common Problems - Know Them

A woman’s intimate part is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, that requires little or no maintenance. While it is important to keep clean, However, with our upbringing, women believe in doing several things all in the name of sanitizing or keeping our intimate parts clean. What we must know and understand is that the vagina is self-cleansing, and has its own way of restoring its PH balance. Although we may not know it, most of our acts are dangerous to our health in the long run. We may not feel or discover the effects soon, they may take a longer time before they begin to manifest. Here are some activities that are outright harmful to a lady’s intimate parts.


Yes there are talks about it helping with relief of menstrual pain and cleansing of the area inside and out, but let’s face it, steaming is not one of the good things you would want to do to your private area. For starters, it causes serious burns and scalds which can ultimately lead to bacterial infection.


Inflammation of the vagina is the major cause of bacterial and fungal infection. This inflammation is caused by the use of soaps and gels that are a little bit too scented. Soaps and gels cause the skin to become dry and irritated. This creates an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to thrive in. Once bacteria sets in, it becomes difficult to clear out. 

Yes we may not feel clean enough without soap, but the vagina need only be cleaned with only hot water minus any form of chemical. It is self-cleansing, and will thus take care of itself.


Wiping is important, especially after using the convenience. What is more important, however, is wiping the right way. Wiping from back to front as we have been doing is quite wrong. This will transmit bacteria from the anus to the vagina area. The right way is to wipe from the front to the back.


The use of perfumes directly on the vagina is very dangerous and harmful. Perfumes, sprays and colognes should be kept away from the pubic area and even the underwear. This is due to the fact that they can cause adverse reactions. Scented creams should be avoided as well.


Rubbing the intimate region with fingers or cloth is totally wrong. It causes inflammation and can even lead to injury. Avoid douching as much as possible.


Pantyliners are not bad as they absorb the vaginal discharge. Wearing it every day is not a good idea. This is because it creates warm environment for bacteria to thrive in. If you must wear them, at least change them every four hours, to allow the skin to breathe.


As long as you are not on your period, there is no reason to wear panties to bed. Wearing panties or tight ones is one way of breeding bacteria and causing infections. Allow the pubic area to breathe or wear something airy if you must.

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