November Top Stories For Each Zodiac Sign 2019: THE DON’Ts OF EACH ZODIAC SIGNS



You are making a grave mistake if you bellyache them, be open and plain unto them. Don’t count offence against them. If they wrong you, say it openly and it will be settled. You will lose it and suffer if you resent them.


To be comfortable with them, you just have to apply patience. There’s no rush hour with them, if you do, then you will be on the receiving end of their traits you would not love to see.


You know what the social butterflies enjoy doing most- to always be in a fun company. You will not see the good side of them if you disregard them. You will not see them at their best.


You will suffer if you force their hands from doing what they would do. Be careful of your attitudes so that they will not change their minds towards you.

5. LEO

Leo could be unforgiving if you pick or offend Leo. Be yourself when you are with Leo, just don’t do too much or over cross your boundary.


Your relationship will be eternal if you always relate with Virgo by saying the truths. You don’t have to lie. Infact, it’s better you hurt a Virgo with the truth that romancing Virgo with lies. You will have yourself to blame if s-he eventually finds out.     


It is expedient you show love to a Libra, don’t hate Libra if s-he has not done something to warrant such hatred. Take time to love a Libra, if you are on hatred page with him, you will mostly be the one that will be on the receiving end. 


Hidden agenda would not favor your relationship with a Scorpio. Don’t hide or keep anything away from Scorpio, s-he will lose trust in you if s-he realises your part is far away from him or her. That simple act gives a Scorpio a sense of insecurity.


The best thing you can be when you are with a Sagittarius is to be yourself, be what you claims you are.


Always acknowledge the abilities of Capricorn that is coming to you. Appreciate and value what a Capricorn is putting together to ease you of your burdens and tight schedules.


Obsession; not letting go is what Aquarians despise. If you are the clingy type, they might resent you because Aquarians despise when someone relies on them heavily.


Pisces are few of the front runners of zodiac signs that sacrifice a lot, however, Pisces are the number one out of the signs that feels bad when you don’t take their sacrifices into consideration. It takes them a lot to do what they did to you. Value their sacrifice, if you do this, they would go extra-miles to do bigger ones for you.

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