What Each Month of Your Life Will Look Like In 2020 Based On Your Zodiac (Know Them)


1.  ARIES:

Few things might annoy you, some changes would have to occur whether you like it or not; socially and martially.  No radical change like that in your love life, you had plan and desire to take bold steps, but nothing is really forthcoming. You spend your whole time in what you have to do, and you actually get nothing done.


Be grateful and contented with your past year(s), be optimistic about the year 2020, cast out all fears, there are some changes that have to take place- work and business, career. New paths await your love story and you will be glad you tread on it.


Your good dreams are achievable now, just spice it up with little hard work, a bit feeling of satisfaction and weariness combined will mostly dawns on your, you will lose control over some things as in the case of your love life. Nevertheless, always believe better days ahead.


You have battled and faced a lot in 2019, however you have enough reasons to believe 2020 will be a great year- you are turning into good chapters of your love story. Your pasts no longer hurt and you can smile now (in all spheres of your life).

5. LEO

You have excelled in the most areas of your life except your love life that needs attention and caution. Be careful of chameleons in people and appreciate people that really matters in your life lest you live to regret abandoning them. 


Your relationship (love) in 2020 is better than the past year(s). Be bold to do those things you are afraid of for your good-luck charm is here. Happiness, fulfilment and self-admiration feel your life. 2020 is a great year for you.


You have been considering a new relationship but you do always lock-up, in 2020 your gate of emotions is opened. You will feel emotional like never before- be prepared.

And lastly, endeavour not to lose people that have been there for you, there’s likelihood you will lose them.


You lack self-esteem and values, you had thought your happiness is attached to what you can see. You have to believe in yourself now, undergo some self-changes and light up your strength.

Don’t be afraid to lose some people, it has to happen for you to find your treasures you have been looking for. Don’t be dependent on people like before –this is one of the changes you have to undergo.   


Love will catch up with you despite is not invited, interesting days and events await you in 2020, regardless of your bad run now, you can be hopeful and delighted of what will become your lot in the year ahead. Your desire to make things happen is high on point. You will also lose people, likewise you will be enriched with new people.


Your 2020 is there for you to take if you can dare it -life is a risk anyways. You will welcome new people (be it in lover, new baby, new friend and old friend). 2020 will end on a high note for you. What you are up with now is what you will still find yourself doing in the year 2020. So the advice for you is what you want to see yourself doing in the year ahead (2020). Engage yourself now.


Solitude is crucial for your growth and progress in 2020- practise it! Also, you will try to take your love life lightly, but your love life clings to you. No hurts anyway, but at the end of it all, you will be glad your love stays even when you tried pushing it away.


Your 2019 is a beautiful year – isn’t it? But there is a missing link you so much long for, and this is what you will find in the year 2020.

Growth comes with sacrifice, hardwork and loads of effort. You will work hard in your love life and bold in your decisions making. They shall be for your gain at the end of it all.

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