7 Crucial Effect Of Overthinking To Mental Health (And HOW TO STOP IT)

Thinking is something everyone does from time to time. We think about different things relating to our lives, our families, jobs and other activities. It becomes a problem however, when you begin to overthink. To be honest, everyone overthinks sometimes. But thinking too much is a major problem with several consequences to our physical, psychological and mental health. The terrible thing about overthinking is that it does not provide any form of solution. The truth remains that the more one thinks too much, the worse they feel, instead of feeling better. Overthinking makes one end up feeling angry, sad, disappointed or even depressed.

Strange as it may sound, a link actually exists between overthinking and mental health issues. Overthinking can leads to depression, anxiety and even psychological problems. It may not be immediate, but the effects build up with time. Below are some serious effects of overthinking on mental health;


Sleep comes naturally, especially when one is tired after a long day. But when you have several negative thoughts running through your mind, sleep becomes an issue. It becomes difficult to fall asleep when you are constantly wondering about something or mulling something over and over in your mind. It may seem like a harmless thing to do, until several other issues begin to arise. Issues like self-blame over past incident, worrying about the future etc are common issues associated with overthinking. Before you know what is happening, such thoughts can go on for hours, setting the pace for chronic insomnia.


Constantly pondering over situations or actions you have no control over tends to create a negative mindset for those involved. Generally, people who overthink are always unhappy. In simpler terms, people who overthink have problems making decisions, solving problems and are generally negative in their approach to life. Overthinking makes people unable to see anything good in the things around them.


General anxiety disorder, panic attacks and depression are only the few negative effects that arise from overthinking. It is caused by a feeling of worthlessness, guilt and even impending doom, created by overthinking and constant worrying. For the person who overthinks, it can only get worse. This ultimately leads to the development of unhealthy lifestyle later on, that can be disastrous.

Some other negative effects of overthinking on the mental state of health include:

  • The robbing of one's peace of mind
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • A constant progression of negative thoughts


First of all, you must first understand that a little thinking is not so bad, it is in fact helpful as it sets you on track. But when you start thinking too much, you will have to stop. Do so by,

  1. Keep your mind and self busy with activities, hobbies you enjoy or interests
  2. Exercise the body and mind by walking, swimming, etc, anything to take your mind away from thinking.
  3. Make a decision to stop and stick to it
  4. Stay away from people places or situations that trigger such thoughts.

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