Sarah Ferguson shares surprising new photo – and fans can relate!


Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York shares a photo of herself on Instagram. 

While doing some shopping the mother of two was spotted with packs of goodies in arm while still staring at the shelf for more items. 

The photo which had no captions but a smile emoji got over two hundred comments from fans who could relate and were excited to see. 

Inthe same post, Sarah also shared another picture of her smiling at the camera while stitching a colourful fabric. 

The past months had been quite a season for her family following the accusations on her ex-husband and his alleged relationship with Jeff Epstein, Prince Andrew and his resignation from Royal duties. Sarah had also taken to social media in the face of the Sussex announcement to say that she could relate with Meghan and Prince Harry. 

However,  at the beginning of the year, the mum-of-two revealed she was seeking “strength and wisdom” in a reflective post, featuring two photos of a sunset over the mountains. “As the sun goes down on 2019, I look to the mountains for strength and wisdom to guide us all into a magical and enlightened road ahead… Happy New Year for 2020. So much love in abundance,” she wrote. 

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