What Each Zodiac Sign Really Mean When They Say "I LOVE YOU"

Love is the greatest force on earth. And everyone on earth prays to experience such wonderful. Everyone is different, and as such, we all love differently. When we hear those three words, we often wonder if they really mean it, or worse, what they really mean. Different zodiac signs have their way of proving their love to people, and when they eventually say “ I love you”, there is usually a hidden meaning to it. Here is what each zodiac sign mean when they say I love you.


Aries are strong, fierce and brave, and when they love, they love hard as well. It takes a lot of courage for an Aries to say “ I love you”. However, when they do, the underlying meaning is that they are totally committed to being with you and they would do all it takes to spend their life with you.


Taurus are not easily fooled because they are very careful creatures. It takes a great deal of caution and time before a Taurus falls in love with anyone. When a Taurus is in love, they give their all to their partner. This means that for a Taurus to say “ I love you”, then they must trust you completely.


There are two sides to every Gemini; the public side and the private side. The public side is the obvious, social, bubbly type that everyone knows. The private side is the side that they shy away from. The part that they do not truly understand, which happens to be themselves. For a Gemini to truly fall in love, they must have opened up completely to you. When a Gemini say I love you, it means they are real around you.


Very few other signs understand passion as much as Cancer. They are already soft-hearted and warm naturally. So when they fall in love with someone, they do so intensely. When a Cancer says I love you, they never want you to leave them.

LEO: JUL 23 – AUG 22

With such a sign as Leo, love is more difficult than it seems. Although they tend to have a lot of admirers, Leo does not find it so easy to love. They are used to fighting their way out of things, but when they eventually say I love you, it means they have surrendered to that battle.

VIRGO: AUG 23 – SEP 22

Virgo is the most organized sign of the zodiac. Everything has to be inorder and balanced before they can accept it. However, when they do, it is usually for life. When a Virgo says I love you, they are not just saying it because they really do, they are making you a promise of forever.

LIBRA: SEP 23 – OCT 22

Libras are known for their reliance on others to ensure their own happiness. Libras have a hard time understanding people, which is why they get hurt easily. Nonetheless, when a Libra falls in love and says the words, they really mean that they are willing to understand you.


Scorpios are the most intense, passionate and sexual of all the zodiac signs. They are also very private individuals who can be very jealous and fiercely possessive of their loved ones. The good side however, is that when a Scorpio says I love you, they really mean it and can go to great lengths to prove it.


Free-spirited and charming, Sagittarius does not like to be held down. This does not mean they are not capable of finding true love, they actually are. However, due to the sign being represented by an archer, they get easily bored. Notwithstanding, when a Sagittarius says I love you, they  are actually commited and  mean it, for the moment.


Capricorns are more concerned with building a career than finding love. Their focus is centered on makingtheir lives better. When a Capricorn says I love you, they trust you enough to want to share their success with you. They also say it when they really mean it.


As calm as their sign represents, Aquarius are independent, reserved and focused with a fiery spirit underneath. They do not have a strong affinity for monogamy or relationships. But when they say I love you, they are saying they will always be there for you no matter what.


The most romantic, playful and empathic of all the signs, Pisces are a natural when it comes to romance and love. They do not mind you flaws and are willing to forgive you for any wrong. When a Pisces says I love you, they mean you will always be forgiven no matter what.

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