Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden announce exciting news


A new foundation set up to promote cultural activities in Sweden has been launched. 

Named after Princess Estelle, the eldest child of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel Westling is the second-in-line to the throne, The Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation (“Prinsessan Estelles Kulturstiftelse”) has been set up today Tuesday, to promote cultural activities in the country. 

Princess Estelle was born in March 2012 after her parents, Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling wedded in Stockholm in June 2010.

The announcement says the foundation’s first project is to continue the temporary sculpture exhibition project at Royal Djurgården this summer. It adds that Crown Princess couple want to emphasise the importance of art and culture to an open and modern society. Prince Daniel will sit on the board of directors and the foundation’s activities will be financed through private donations.

The 7 year old Royal at the beginning of year while skiing broke her leg the Alps and had to wear a cast and crutches for a while.

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