Dear men, would you rock these inflatable latex trousers?

Ever dreamed of owning a pair of pants that not only allows you the widest of berths on public transport, but also ensures you stand out from the crowd with an unmatchable bulbous silhouette?

Well, you’re most definitely in luck, lol.

A British menswear designer, known mononymously as Harikrishnan, unveiled his graduate collection at the London College of Fashion earlier this week that harks back to the days of MC Hammer and his iconic parachute pants.

The bulging trousers are comprised of up to 30 latex panels, and the “anatomically impossible” dimensions are only made possible thanks to litres of pumped-up air.

Coming in an array of colours including cream and green, maroon and just plain white, the inflatable pants are blown up via a seven millimetre-wide pump inserted at the bottom.

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