13 Amazing Differences Between A Male Brain And A Female Brain


We are already familiar with the fact that males are different from women in terms of physical looks and disposition. According to many people, this difference only exists in the outer body, and not within. However, science has proven that the male brain is different from the female brain. Here are 10 differences between the male brain and the female brains. 


By physical parts or sizes, we actually refer to the structural size of the brain. The female brain has been discovered to have a larger memory center than the male brain. The hippocampus as it is called, is the human memory center, and had been discovered to be larger in the female brain.

This is the reason why females are able to absorb and retain more sensory or emotional information than their male counterparts. This is also the reason why women are better at recalling information than males.


The feature mentioned earlier, is attributed to this fact. The female brain enjoys more flow of natural blood to the brain, and also a higher degree of blood flow to a part of the brain known as the cingulate gyrus.

This is the reason why women find it easier to dwell on emotional situations and remember them constantly. Men on the other hand, receive blood flow to this part however, in lower degree, and this makes them analyze an emotion and move on quickly.


There is a region in the brain that is responsible for the control of visuals, geometry and math skills. It is known as the parietal lobe, and has been discovered to be larger in males. This means males are better than females at math and arithmetic.


Some women are generally more open for communication and more friendly than men. This ultimately makes it easier for females to learn more languages than males. It is due to their frontal and temporal lobe being larger than that of the males.

The frontal lobe is responsible for memory, conversations, language, expression of emotions, etc. On the other hand, the temporal lobe controls the sense of smell and sound.

These are larger in size than in the male brain, making women more open to absorb and learn different languages.


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