EsBTV Men Inspired Fashion Volume 5 - Fashionable And Classic Styles for the Trendy Men 2020

Men's fashion has always been different and evidently distinguishable from women's fashion. The obvious thing to notice and differentiate between men and women's fashion is the style. 
A woman will go for an eye-catching and glamorous style, at the same time maintaining simplicity. Men on the other hand, focus more on comfort. A man's outfit, no matter how simple, classy or stylish, is done with one clear thing in mind, comfort.

This is probably one of the reasons why men take their time, money and effort to create good quality clothes for themselves. Whether it is an agbada, a Senators outfit, or a classy suit. 

The outfit must speak style and comfort. Of course this is the result of a well experienced designer or tailor.

Here are some style inspirations for the fashionable Nigerian man. You can get any of these styles of outfits when you order from us with the link 


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