Prince William and Kate Middleton visits NHS center despite the Viral pandemic


Kate and William made a visit to an NHS call center despite the viral pandemic in the country.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge aim was to highlight the work the center was doing to manage the coronavirus outbreak.

The couple followed health guidelines of making an effort to distance themselves from people they met, avoiding handshakes and twice stopping to use hand sanitiser while still praising the health service as representing “the very best of our country and society” and thanking the staff on behalf of the royal family. 

Speaking after their visit to the centre in Croydon, south London, Prince William said: “The last few weeks, and more recent days have been understandably concerning the continuing spread of coronavirus. But it’s at times like this when we realise just how much the NHS represents the very best of our country and society – people from all backgrounds and walks of life with different experiences and skills, pulling together for the common good. 

Not only are NHS staff and emergency workers responding to the needs of the public, they – like the rest of us – are concerned about their families, friends and loved ones.  They need our support as much as we need theirs

That is why Catherine and I were proud to visit staff working at NHS 111, to pass on our personal thanks, along with those of my grandmother and father, to staff working around the clock to provide care and advice to those that need it most. It was also brilliant to see the great online tools for those with mild symptoms or worries.

All of us have a part to play if we’re going to protect the most vulnerable. That means acting on the latest expert advice, staying home if we or those we live with have symptoms, and avoiding non-essential contact to help reduce the spread of the virus.”

Kate, who wore a pink trouser suit from Marks & Spencer while William wore a navy blue suit over a sweatshirt and blue shirt. 

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